How to adapt your underwear to your body type?


If choosing underwear is a matter of taste, it is above all a question of sizes and measurements. To feel good in your stockings and bras, it is indeed imperative to adapt your pieces to your body type. This way, you will enjoy total comfort all day long, whatever your movements.

The bra

Choosing bras is often a headache. However, you just need to know a few basic rules to succeed in finding a model designed for your body type.

You have a small breast:

Women who have small breasts can opt for a very large number of models: headband, scarf, shell, triangle, with or without underwire… So you can indulge yourself! Push-ups can also be an ideal solution to achieve a sublime plunging neckline.

You have a strong chest:

The support bra particularly suitable for larger busts your chest is enhanced and you get perfect support. Beyond the D cup, the half cup bra is a go-to undergarment, although you can wear several other styles with ease. And don’t forget the minimizer bra if you want to reduce your bust.

You have square shoulders:

Several ranges of bras are ideal for covering overly broad shoulders. This is particularly the case of halter neck models, which attach behind the neck, and crossed models. By baring your shoulders, these bras reduce their width.

How to choose lingerie for the lower body?

Boxer shorts, to make your choice, take your body type into account above all. For this style of lingerie, remember the main rule: always choose the size above your usual ready-to-wear size when shopping for your lower body lingerie.

You have wide hips:

Women with wide hips can count on the low waist shorty to be sublimated. Slightly high cut, this boxer brief is ideal for covering the hips while remaining very sexy.

You have thin hips:

The thong is underwear particularly suitable for women with thin hips. Just like the mini-panties, it highlights your waist and gives your figure a little more roundness.

You have a bit of a stomach:

The high waist panty is made for you! Use it to refine the curves of the belly and for its slightly shaping side. Well also offers you shaping panties that will ideally enhance your figure.

You have flat buttocks:

Opt for retro low rise panties, frilly panties or bouffant panties. This underwear are able to mark the hips and naturally shape your buttocks. Also prefer sorties that have a slightly higher waist, covering the top of the buttocks, they restore a little volume.

You have plump buttocks:

The thong and the boxer briefs are the lower body that will suit you perfectly! Then choose the materials best suited to meet your current desires.

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