How to Download Instagram Profile Picture On PC:


Instagram is one of the most popular app for sharing photo and videos. This app is available on iPhone and Android. This app is also available on Google play store. People sharing their photo and videos to their follower and selected group between their friends and relatives, and people also like and passing comments to their friends and relatives if any one like the post which share by any one they also share in different groups and on different sites.

To create Instagram, the Gmail account must require and all user on Instagram have their own user name a Gmail by this user name we will find out any of them by search their user. And we follow the popular actor’s politics and Religious Scoular’s.

How to Download Instagram Profile Picture On PC:

 Instagram is full with different profiles and groups having very attractive profile picture which is also called DP. Sometime people like profile picture and wants to open or download the picture, but in Instagram the profile picture can’t show on full screen, this may be done if we download the profile picture. You can download the profile picture on Instagram with full quality on PC without any app.

Some step for downloads the DP from INSTA is given bellow:

Step 1: Open the profile DP of any Instagram account. Firstly, you click on profile on INSTA. And then select the profile picture URL, copy URL.

Step 2: And paste the link or URL on the New tap and click on search button. After that we see the picture with good quality on full screen. and download option are given below on that site by clicking on download option we download the DP of INSTA. And we also save the image which we download from the Instagram.

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Download INSTA Profile picture on Android:

If the Above Methods Look Old to You or it does not work. You should use the following website which can ease the process sooner and faster. Here, are the list of website which help you to download the Instagram Profile Pictures:


Instazoomer is a website which allows any one user on the Internet to download the Profile Picture. Simply go to the google chrome and search for a Website Instazoom.

  • Now You will see a search bar on the home page of the website.
  • Enter the username in to the search Bar and click on Zoom.
  • Then you will be redirected to the page where you will be asked for “Open the Image” or “Download”.
  • If you want to open the Picture, click on “Open Profile Pic”.
  • Now a new page will appear where you can see the Profile picture of user.

Profile Download for Instagram:

Profile Download for Instagramis one app in which the DP picture make HD quality of one account much attractive. The profile picture chases the viewership on the account. It grows the chances for the flow of traffic towards the account. Many people consider good quality profile picture creates the perception of having good content in the account. To get good profile (Profile Download for Instagram) will help you to find matching account standards by downloading the well and better quality profile picture.


Insfull is an emerging app in the field of social media to hold a better position for selecting profile/ DP of personal social accounts especially in Instagram. This app provides an option to search profile and to watch the picture with better quality. It helps to zoom the profile picture to know every tiny object of the profile without any obstacle or objection.

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Reportly has made the most complicated matters of social media very easy. Mostly people comment and delete that comment before you read. Reportly has the features to see the deleted comments, along with this it also generates a valuable addition of discovery different accounts on social media sites and download required and desired stuff from the searched accounts.

Blind Story:

This app helps to the Instagram users that while watching and visiting the stories on Instagram, we love many of the stories and feel like to download which we cannot. Blind Story solves the problem by giving you space without any security concerns to download the stories you like.

Profile reports:

Profile report has different feature one and most important is to detect the person whose check our profile.

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