How to Keep Bathroom Sinks Clean

gray sink cleaning with yellow gloves

You know what happens when you don’t clean your sink, don’t you? It quickly becomes unsightly because it gets covered in dirt, dried toothpaste splatter, and soap residue, not to mention what you forgot to clean.

The easiest way how to keep the bathroom clean and fresh is to wipe it lightly with a soft cloth every day after use and keep all food on the side of the sink in its rightful place.

Even if you’re the only family member doing this quick cleaning procedure, you’ll notice a real difference – plaque won’t build up and the sink will stay in good condition most of the time.

Although it helps to be the last person to use your sink in the morning (then it will be in good condition most of the time), this procedure only takes about a minute – you don’t need much time, even if you’re in a hurry in the morning.

If soap and toothpaste residue has accumulated on your sink, you can clean it as follows. In addition to wiping and sweeping daily, do a deep clean from time to time.

1. Clear the room of clutter.

Remove any bath and body care products that accumulate around the sink. If you don’t have room for these items in your bathroom, consider purchasing additional storage space, as this will make cleaning the sink much easier.

2. wear rubber gloves.

Bathroom cleaners are harmful to your hands, so protect them by wearing gloves.

3. Remove the hole in the cork

Completely remove the plug (not just take it out) and make sure the drain holes are free of hair and other debris. Rinse the plug hole and the plug itself, then reinstall it.

4. Spray the sink.

Spray the sink with a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner (read and follow the instructions) and use a rag to remove plaque from the sink. Sometimes you have to put in a lot of effort if you’ve been too neglectful (make a resolution to wipe and clean every day from now on!)

5) Use an old toothbrush

Use an old toothbrush to clean the area around the faucet and remove accumulated debris.

6. rinse and wipe.

Rinse the entire surface of the sink and wipe it dry with a soft cloth or old towel to leave a nice shiny surface.

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