How to know your ring size?


Many women wonder how to know their ring size. Many are indeed those who do not know their turn of the finger. Here are our tips for knowing your size, and thus finding a butterfly rings for couple on your finger among the thebutterflychokers rings!

Measure the diameter of a ring

Butterfly ring

Few people know how to measure the diameter of a ring to know its size. However, there is a precise method to follow to correctly measure the size of a ring. The diameter to be taken into account is indeed the internal diameter of the ring, and not the external diameter. To get the right measurement, it is therefore the inner circumference of your ring that you will need to take into consideration. The diameter thus obtained, expressed in millimeters, will give you the size of the measured ring.

This number also corresponds to your ring size. If the diameter of your ring is 52 millimeters, your ring size will therefore be 52. On the other hand, you can only obtain this measurement if you already have a ring. If you want to know your ring size, you will first need to measure your ring size in order to know which ring size to choose.

How to know your ring size?

To know your ring size, you need to know your ring size. You can use string or thin ribbon for this. After folding it in half, wrap the string around your finger and thread the ends through the loop. Then mark with a pen where the string meets, then lay it flat and measure from the loop to the mark. You will thus obtain your finger turn. If it falls between two sizes, always choose the larger one.

Note that the measurement is much easier if you already have a ring. All you have to do is put one of your rings on a paper ring sizer. A ring sizer consists of different circles corresponding to different ring sizes. Simply lay your ring on the circles to find the one that matches your ring size.