How to Make a Good Sports Broadcast |


Proper preparation is the key to proper planning

However, there are some very important things to consider before starting the sport. First, prepare the material to be presented. Feel free to start streaming before it goes online for your viewers. The Manage section allows you to preview photos before posting them to your online viewers. Select the Live menu item and select the appropriate stream.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

You need good communication to make sure you can make a good river. Outdoor sport streaming works best when you have a good 4G connection on your phone or tablet. When streaming 해외축구중계 at home, 4G is no longer secure. Second, wireless Wi-Fi is a better option. It can work at 2-3 MB, but we recommend a fixed connection of at least 5/obit for transmission. Feel free to try to connect to a faster site like Polka.

Prepare the equipment

You will also need to prepare materials for shipping. Make sure the battery is full and make sure you have enough phone data. Switching to the “medium” level requires 1GB of data per hour. Going to the plateau is almost double the amount of data required

If enabled on your device, turn off Locked Rotation Mode. Otherwise, the photo will freeze in portrait mode, even if you shoot in landscape mode. Set “silent” during a call so that the call is not disconnected when someone calls.

I recommend a tripod

To make a good radio, it’s a good idea to have a tripod that supports your phone or tablet, depending on what you’re using. It works, but is easier to move with the help of a tripod. Viewers are pleased to see the program with animated graphics.

Find a suitable place to take a picture

Your position is important and you should always try to be in the middle of the field when shooting. Find the center of the field and try to stand there. Make sure potential viewers are not on camera.

Being on the pitch is always a success and gives an overview of the sport. Stands and stages are great places to post. Standing on a chair or table is another way to get up a little off the floor. Here’s a creative solution to somewhat get lost in the scene. Zoom in (but not too much)

If you’re too far from the field, or if the field is too large to take a photo, you can use the app’s zoom slider. A zoom slider appears at the bottom of the box in the bottom left corner of the app. Don’t forget to check the zoom structure before starting the sport.

Stand in the middle of the field and point the camera at the target. Zoom in as close to the target as possible, but be careful not to zoom in too much. This slows down the image and makes it difficult to monitor sportplay as players approach the camera. Allow magnification at the bottom of the stream. If it’s too close or too far away, adjust to a longer sequence of plays.

Think before you speak

When streaming, remember that everything you say is sent directly to the stream and viewers. Feel free to comment and enjoy the sport. But let’s not talk about anything that doesn’t add anything to the flow.

Our biggest recommendation

Before finishing this part of the streaming school, we encourage you to watch the video below. However, before you start the video, here are some important tips for having a good radio show.

Don’t forget to follow the sport on your device screen while streaming.

That way, viewers can see what they saw in the making of the film. On the other hand, following the sport without looking at the screen can exacerbate the viewer experience.