How to measure my feet to buy dance shoes online?


To begin with, I want you to know that buying dance shoes online is much more risky than any other product because:

     1.- In many types of dance shoes, the last is as important as the size , and you can only be completely sure that you They are good to try them on.

     2.-Although there is a number, the size of your 셔츠룸 shoes does not usually correspond to that of street shoes (and it will depend on the style of footwear that they have to be more or less tight).

     3.- There is some product, as is the case with pointe shoes , that require a prior fitting if you have not used them before.

 Having said this, it should also be said that as you get to know the market,

you become more expert in knowing exactly what you need and it works for you, and in case of doubt you know where and who to turn to so that online shopping is safer.

One way to minimize the risk when choosing the size would be to make a limited template of your feet. And that’s why I want to explain the steps to follow and the correct way to do it.

    Materials you will need:

  • -A sheet of paper
  • -A pen or pencil
  • -A tape measure -A

          Size conversion chart, to check which size corresponds to the measurement we just took

     Step by step process:

     1.- Put a sheet of paper on the ground and put your foot on the sheet . In the event that the shoe is going to be worn with socks, take the measurement with these positions.

     2.-Grab the pencil or pen and place it vertically next to your foot.

     3.-Now follow the entire perimeter of your foot. If someone can help you, even better; in this way you make sure that the feet do not move at any time and the pencil remains completely vertical while you are drawing.

You can also put your foot against the wall to ensure the correct angle (as in the photo below). 4.-Using the tape measure, delimit the measurement that goes from the heel to the toe that protrudes the most. Measure the longest distance because that is what will determine the length of the shoe.

     5.-In the event that it is a custom shoe and they ask for it, also measure the width and height of the instep, surrounding the area you are going to measure with the tape measure. Do it this way:Now you just have to check which size the measurement corresponds to. Be sure and see if you are ordering in European, UK, American, or the brand’s own sizing!