How to Talk About Weather in English

How to Talk About Weather in English

Learn how to talk about the weather in English. A basic discussion topic is weather. It’s a great way to start a conversation, especially with strangers.

Being able to use simple weather expressions will help you to converse with natives better.

Some questions you might hear

You might hear these questions. Is it sunny outside? Is it raining today? Is it going to be hot tomorrow? Is it going to rain tomorrow? What’s the weather forecast? What’s the weather expected to be tomorrow?

I’m ready to go for a walk outside. There are a few standard phrases you can use to describe the temperature. Whether it’s summer or winter, there are a handful of terms that will help you understand the weather outside.

There’s probably no weather that doesn’t have its own unique set of words to describe it, but with some effort you can learn new vocabulary to describe the different seasons.

Spring Vocabulary

Spring vocabulary. Spring is welcome by all, especially us writers. It’s when everything reawakens after a cold winter, ice melts, flowers start to bloom, and trees come alive. Many people take this opportunity to spring clean after a winter spent indoors, throwing open their windows and doors for a bit of cool fresh air.

Blossom: to blossom: to come into full flower; to show new leaves or buds; to burst into blossom

The days are so sunny and light. There is a little drizzle, but you don’t need an umbrella. The temperature is not so hot, and it’s not so cold. A perfect day for a walk outside.

After the long winters of the north, we all look forward to the warmer days of spring when the snow finally melts and the park is full of kids playing in the puddles. Spring is our favorite season, and I’m sure you have a favorite, too.

Summer Vocabulary

Summer Vocabulary. When the weather begins to get hotter, life is much easier. “The weather is nice today.” “It’s a scorcher.” “It’s boiling.”Q: How to implement the ‘like’ functionality using Google App Engine with the Django model api?

We need to go swimming. Clear skies: blue skies that are common on summer days.Heatwave: unusually hot weather. I wish I could enjoy the outdoors when it’s so hot.

It’s too hot today, let’s find a place to sit in the shade. There’s no cloud in the sky, and it’s perfectly blue.

Stay out of the sun: too hot to be in direct sunlight try to stay out of the sun at midday when it’s the strongest. Stay out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. Animals that Start with Q- All Facts Are Here

Autumn Vocabulary

What we’re talking about: If you want to know more about this word.

Crisp: cool and fresh who doesn’t love a bright crisp autumn day. Foggy: a thick cloud that restricts visibility. It was difficult to see far this morning as it was so foggy. Getting cooler: warm weather is turning cooler. I can feel the evening is getting colder.

It’s been raining a lot and the park is too muddy for me to walk in. The sound of dry leaves made me think of my friend.

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