How To Win more Every Day

How To Win more Every Day
How To Win more Every Day

Here is a tool to help you win more every day and make a better life for yourself.

What do you consider winning your day to consist of? You do not need to do as much as people think you need to do to win every day. I am going to give you an easy tool that will help you win every day, and help you string as many winning days together as you can. If you begin to win consistently every single day it will become a habit, and when winning becomes a habit for you, success arrives to you effortlessly. The tool that will allow you to do just this is called a power list. I recommend getting a journal for your power list, it is important that you write it down on paper. Every day is a new page, and every day you place the date and five tasks that you must complete that day, or tasks that you think will help you if you did them. Only five tasks, that is not a lot of effort when you think about it. As you go through your day begin to check your tasks off as they are done. Once, and only once you have finished and checked off all five tasks have you won the day.

Winning does not consist of accomplishing some of your goals, winning consists of achieving every goal you are determined to get. If you win that day you will place a capital W on the page, count it as a win and think to yourself that that specific day helped to move you forward. If you only accomplish four or less of the tasks then you do not win, and you must put a capital L on that day. Whern you begin to win two days in a row you will keep a number next to your W and keep the winning streak going for as long as you can. If you have a task on your list that’s something you wish to become a habit, for example, on my power list I may put drink one gallon of water. Once you win 21 days in a row these tasks are now considered to be habit, as it only takes 21 consecutive days for something to become a habit in the human mind. If a task is now a personal habit for you, you may take it off your list and continue to do it naturally and attempt to create a new habit, or you can keep the task on your list an shoot for 90 days, as it takes 21 days to build a habit it takes 90 to build a lifestyle. When you start to win day after day you will begin to feel extremely good about yourself, and you will begin to see yourself as a winner.

Once you realize how easy it is to be a winner you will continue to do it effortlessly every day of your life. Some people may see the power list as a glorified to do list, but it is so much more then that! It is a tool to help you succeed every day and keep track of your success and create habits that will aide you for the rest of your life. You can start as easy as you would like, the tasks could be as minimal as going on a thirty minute walk, meditating for thirty minutes, or getting a personal or work related problem

done. Convince yourself that you can win, and then begin to challenge yourself to become great. Do not expect to win every day because you are human and we all have our off days, but if you focus more on winning you will win much more then you lose.


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