Interactive Videos Do You Know The Keys To Creating Them



Interactive videos are a form of marketing content that has been proven to be effective in attracting an audience for your brand. Being the video a format that currently enjoys wide preference, the interactive versions arrive to involve the public.

Next, we share information about its characteristics, how to create them and examples of companies that use it successfully.

Interactive videos: 4 differences with traditional videos

There are several aspects that differentiate interactive videos from traditional ones, focused on a set of functionalities that increase their attractiveness:

Interaction video

Through forms or surveys, an interactive dynamic is established with your useful audience to:

Capture contact information.

Check opinions.

Conduct online surveys or assessments.

Insertion points

One of the innovations of these types of videos is to include insertion points and hotspots. The available options are:

Points to click to display information within the video

Address dots to direct navigation to a web page.

Play marks or points on the video timeline. 


360° views add an eye-catching realistic effect. Additionally, the audience can manipulate and play with the angle of view in the image, as in this 360 video example with dolphins from Go Pro.

In the case of videos for social networks, this option is very striking because you can create them from your own cell phone and publish them on your YouTube channel, generating more visits for your brand.

These are some applications that you can give to 360 videos to promote your brand:

Promote events of your company.

Develop marketing campaigns with story doing experiences.

Make your audience feel like a viewer with control over what they see in the video.


Interaction video gives you the opportunity to convert the contents in video formats into a game. Incorporating the cue points and hotspots with internal information in the video allows you to create different routes.

In this way, each user has their own viewing experience which is not possible with the traditional video format. In addition, with these videos you can interact with the audience and give them some autonomy to carry out their tours.

3 tips to create interactive videos that attract customers

Keep it simple

Do not overload your video with text, images and excessive colors, audio or distracting effects. The simplest videos with key expressions, tips or short sequences work.

Includes interactivity

If you add actions that invite the audience to interact to the natural appeal of the video, you will be increasing its efficiency. For that, combine your message with elements that maintain the interest of the public.

For example:



Items to organize

Open or multiple choice questions

Insertion points

Take advantage of templates and reuse

The applications for the production of these videos include ready-made templates and animations, which are easily customized.

Reusing your videos is key because it saves you time and production costs. Repurposing your branded content expressed in video formats includes incorporating it into websites, e-books, blogs, and social media. In all possible spaces, but taking care to adapt them to each medium


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