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Jennifer Stehlin talks about the series ‘Pam & Tommy’ on Hulu

Jennifer Stehlin talks about the series ‘Pam & Tommy’ on Hulu

Jennifer Stehlin talks about the series ‘Pam & Tommy’ on Hulu

Actress Jennifer Stehlin chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about starring in the series “Pam & Tommy” and Hulu, where she plays Pam’s best friend.

Stehlin was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and danced her way through pre-school and high school graduation — her passion for and dedication to the world of dance are the foundation of her career today.

While earning a degree in Broadcast Communications at the University of Florida, Jennifer balanced academics and a demanding schedule as a Division 1 cheerleader. It didn’t take long for ESPN Gainesville to offer Jennifer a Sports Reporter spot on their roster. Jennifer has also done on-camera hosting and reporting for many outlets.

For multiple seasons, Jennifer starred in the FX Network promo spots for Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. Her other TV credits include Valley Junk TV and Posers. 

She stars alongside an all-star cast in Hulu’s popular limited series “Pam & Tommy.” The dark comedy depicts the marriage of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and the release of their infamous unauthorized sex tape that was filmed privately on their wedding night.

Making pop culture history turned the couple into global mega-superstars overnight — their close circle of family and friends (with Jennifer as Pam’s best friend) join the rollercoaster ride.

“Being a part of ‘Pam & Tommy’ was the dream of a lifetime,” she said. “The cast was incredible and everyone on the crew was amazing to work with. We had a really special bond and even met some of my best friends on set.”

“I loved being Pam’s go-to girl for anything,” she admitted. “One she can always count on to watch movies on the couch with the dog or go out and spend a night on the town living our best lives.”

On her future plans, she revealed, “I am currently working as a Spokesmodel and On-Camera Personal Trainer for V Shred & Sculpt Nation, modeling, dancing and auditioning. The great thing is you can always learn and work on your craft so that is always one of my main focuses in the interim between projects.”

She opened up about being an actress in the digital age. “I love it. I think it provides a really unique opportunity to create and share so many more stories. Every platform is different and you can find shows & movies on so many topics and genres. Plus who doesn’t love more opportunities to work,” she exclaimed.

On her motivations as an actress, she said, “I truly believe that there are things you can work on every day as an actress. It’s all the little things that prepare you for the ‘big things,’ so that when you get there you know all of your preparation has paid off.”

Regarding her definition of the word success, she explained, “Success to me is not defined by any title. For me, it means pushing through adversity when you want to give up. It is never giving up on yourself, so when you do reach those milestones and dreams that you want you to know your determination and hard work paid off. That is when I feel like I have been successful.” 

Off-screen, Jennifer is a Las Vegas-based NFL Cheerleader, fitness instructor, and on-camera spokesmodel.

She concluded about “Pam & Tommy, “I hope this redefines the perception we have of these two people’s lives. We are getting an inside look at what they went through and how they must have felt, which was not what the news outlets and media shed light on.”  

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