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Madrid City Council members announced the 42nd City Sports Games through the Directorate General of Sports and District 21.

The new season will begin with a new computer application that enhances and enhances competition in the city, along with online registration for all teams and athletes, the task of returning to normal life, which could lead to a pandemic. To this end, a guide to registration and payments to arbitral tribunals has been prepared in the section “Related information and other matters”.

Registrations and events

The deadline for registration of sports teams is as follows.

senior category:

The team competition, which will take place in 21 districts, will begin Oct. 23 in the senior category in all sports, and Nov. 13 in other categories. (These dates may vary by region, sport or category due to organizational conditions).

Participants can choose from 28 sports, 11 team sports and 17 individual sports.

Basketball, handball, baseball, football, soccer 7, indoor soccer, indoor hockey, canoe polo, rugby, volleyball, water polo.

(Not all sports cover all categories, so we recommend that you read the relevant information, documents and general rules in this section.


Depending on the appropriate category of staff, the relative fee will be paid higher than the price set by the general meeting, which will determine the total price for the maintenance of the reference sports and swimming center.

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