How to mirror an iPhone’s screen on PC

How to mirror an iPhone's screen on PC
How to mirror an iPhone's screen on PC

Learning how to mirror iPhone screen on PC is very helpful for iPhone and Windows users.Once you know how, you can easily show your iPhone apps and processes to your friends and colleagues on the big screen of your Windows PC. .

Frankly, AirPlay is pretty cool and one of the features that help make the iPhone the best mobile phone. AirPlay makes it very easy to share the screen between an iPhone and a Mac or another of his Apple devices. Unfortunately, sharing your iPhone screen with your Windows PC isn’t that easy, but it’s not difficult. The only caveat is that your iPhone must support his AirPlay.

Windows has its own Phone Link app for mirroring optimized on Android devices, but not compatible with iPhone. For this, you will have to download a third party app. Don’t worry. There are many options, many of which are free.

Use LonelyScreen. It is available for download as a free trial and seems to be available as a trial forever. However, if you want to support developers, you have the option to purchase a $14.95 / £12 yearly subscription.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen on PC
Note. These tips also apply to AirPlay-enabled iPads.

  1. To get LonelyScreen, go to its download page (opens in a new tab), download and install it. After installing the app on your Windows PC, open the app and click Maybe Later to give it a try. Connect your Windows PC and iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi network. 2. On your iPhone or iPad, swipe down from the top right corner to open Control Center. Then click the screen mirroring icon.
  2. You will see LonelyScreen as an available option. Just click to start mirroring.

And yes! Now you can mirror your screen like a Mac user.
There are also paid apps like Reflector 4 (opens in a new tab) and AirServer (opens in a new tab), as well as some other free apps, some of which are in the Microsoft Store (opens in a new tab). tab). tab) new tab). tab).

If you just want to quickly mirror your iPhone to your PC to share presentations or play a quick game on your living room TV, it might not be worth the money. Paid apps, however, offer more advanced features, such as the ability to mirror your Chromebook, Mac, or other device to your PC.

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