Local view: Here are some local museum surprises, from A to Z

Local view: Here are some local museum surprises, from A to Z
Local view: Here are some local museum surprises, from A to Z

On April 12, the museum’s curator, Jane French, announced her special “Museum Surprise” program for the Phillipston Historical Society conference. She said it would be based on 26 items from A to Z in our museum.

It sounded like a unique try, but she couldn’t imagine anything in the collection that started with the letter Z.

When I arrived at the meeting, I saw four tables covered with sheets. The extended piece showed us that the surprise was below. As we all prepared for the surprise night, a sense of mystery spread.

After that, one surprise after another was announced, and Jane told us a fascinating story about the item, picking it up and showing pictures of items that were too big to fit into the show. Below is an example of some elements for each letter of the alphabet.

But for archaeology. The Historical Society building was formerly a Methodist church built on the state road in 1849. In 2014 it was moved up the road to its current location, having excavated an earlier site where artifacts from the old church were found.

*C is for 1896 check writer. According to protocol, G.V. Todd & Co in Rochester, New York. In 1910, 85,000 were produced. It was the first attempt to get a check.

*F stands for 5th Massachusetts Turn Pike. It was a bumpy toll road through Phillipston. Route 2 follows this trail very closely today. Interestingly, a cannon from Fort Ticonderoga was brought along this road to Boston in 1775 for use in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Thereafter the road became known as the Military Road, and section 2A, which passes through Templeton, continues to bear this name.

*G for grants. Phillipston was based on a grant given to a man who volunteered to fight in the Indian Wars.

  • K for goalkeeper. The custodian of the city’s ammunition was the church, which was then called the house of prayer. In 1774 there was a militia in each county. A call was made to prepare the men for the fight for the revolution. The man used his gun but was provided with ammunition. I was surprised because it was kept on the balcony of the meeting place.


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