Luxury massage


Who is it for?: Indicated for anyone who wants to get out of a common massage.

What are its characteristics?: Its main characteristics and benefits are to prevent and treat stretch marks, orange peel skin, etc. Ideal for liquid removal, achieving great results with grapefruit and orange oils.


Who is it for?: Aimed at anyone affected by headaches and migraines and anyone who accumulates tension in the neck and jaw area. What are its characteristics?: The combination of different techniques such as cranial osteopathy and therapeutic massages, accompanied by relaxation techniques such as stretching in the cervical, facial and cranial regions.

What benefits does it provide?: It improves the functioning of the central nervous system and the body’s natural healing processes, reducing stress, and increasing resistance to disease.


Who is it for?: It is aimed at people who want to pamper their body, mind and spirit.

What are its characteristics?: The function of this 마사지 is to balance body and mind, combining relaxing massage, aromatherapy and natural spices.

What benefits does it provide?: Its main benefit is to open the pores of the skin to facilitate the impregnation of the properties of the plants used for its preparation.


Who is it for?: Highly recommended for pregnant women to relieve nausea, facilitate childbirth, as well as to relieve menstrual pain.

What are its characteristics?: The Shia su works with the principles of acupuncture on the meridians of the body, in such a way that certain muscular blockages are eliminated.

What benefits does it provide?: Increases the energy level throughout the body, improves the nervous system, corrects menstrual disorders, promotes the circulatory system and skin care. In addition, it helps restore the digestive system.


Who is it for?: As there are no contraindications, it is recommended for everyone. What are its characteristics?: These types of therapies are very subtle, since they focus on the search for peace of mind and the inner balance that the person has lost.

What benefits does it provide?: There are 7 centers or “chakras” in the body that are responsible for channeling human energy in synergy with natural energy. Balances the body, provides rest and stress reduction; It helps fight muscular pain and also psychic pain, since it makes the person move towards inner balance.


Who is it for?: Indicated for people who like to take care of their physical appearance naturally.

What are its characteristics?: Kobido massage is a therapy used in Japan that, through a non-invasive technique, allows the patient to show off a younger face with well-cared skin.

What benefits does it provide?: Revitalize the skin of the face and give it greater luminosity. It provides rest to the facial muscles and also to the mind.