Make your movie screening memorable


With online streaming and easily accessible home cinema systems, it’s more important than ever to create something your audience can’t experience at home. Go the extra mile and try to create an event your audience will never forget.

Bookthecinema explains, “If you want to make your shows special and create a great response, you need to incorporate elements that make the show a great event. It’s a great way to attract new audiences, while also benefiting from local and national media coverage and creating hype.

Invite a special guest

Special guests are a great way to attract an audience. It’s a great privilege to have an actor in your film, but it’s not always possible. Remember that everyone relevant to the film can benefit from seeing it, whether they are behind-the-scenes people, scriptwriters, academics or other people. If your film is a documentary, consider hiring an expert. It is also a good idea to arrange a discussion or debate with the director after the screening.

Live music

If your film is dramatic or has a familiar soundtrack, consider inviting an orchestra or band to perform before or after the screening.

Photo exhibition

A screening of a documentary or student film can be effectively accompanied by a photo exhibition.

Play on a specific theme.

Choose a theme that the audience will be immersed in as soon as they enter the room. If you’re putting on a performance of Grease, you can turn the entrance into an American ball with volunteers dressed in 1950s costumes dancing on the field.

How to introduce a film

A good introduction to film can open your eyes to new ways of watching movies and bring old classics to life. Introducing a film to an audience can help engage and entertain them. Here are some great ways to introduce yourself.

Be enthusiastic: You can’t get your audience excited about a film if you’re not excited yourself.

Try not to overdo it. If you know a lot about the film, it can be easy to go too deep. The introduction should be short and serve as a prelude to the story that follows.

Practice makes perfect. If you’re not the star of the show, that doesn’t mean you should just talk about it. Preparation is key. If you practice introductions, you can at least put your notes aside and immerse yourself in the process.

Spoilers are strictly forbidden. In fact, there’s nothing worse than this.

Screening a film with questions and answers

Depending on the film being shown, you might consider arranging a conversation or discussion after the screening. Producers, writers, directors, actors and experts would be ideal.

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