What are the Treatments for Mole Removal in Jaipur?

mole removal

The mole consists of skin cells, and it is a black or brown color on your body. It will appear at a young age, but it can occur before 20. Moles are usually harmless, but they can become cancerous in some cases. Therefore, if you want to remove a mole from the body, you can consult with skin specialist in Jaipur for the treatment. Here you will know therapy for mole removal, side effects, and natural treatment to remove the mole.

What is the Treatment for Mole Removal?

Radiofrequency Ablation

In this, the surgeon injects the local anesthetic injection around the mole. It is removed by needle using RFA. After the treatment, an antibacterial ointment is given, and the time it takes for the treatment is about 15 minutes. After the treatment, the soft scab on the mole area disappears after a couple of days. The radiofrequency ablation is better for small moles only.

Punch Excision

Firstly, the surgeon injects the local anaesthetic on the side of the mole. Then, a punch tool places above the mole, and after that, it is punched out. Also, suturing can be applied to large moles and help recover fast.

Shave Excision

In this also, a local anaesthetic is given around the mole. Then the mole is cut down by using a sharp device. It helps in the treatment of the wound on the skin. Also, there are no stitches required in the procedure. It is better for small moles.

Laser Mole Removal

The laser technique is used to remove a mole. Also, the surgeon gives local anesthetic injection across the mole to remove it from laser treatment. Then, the mole removes from a laser. It takes around ten minutes to remove a mole.

Risk in the Treatment of Mole

In most cases, patients have no risk in the mole treatment. The appearance of Scar may occur after the removal of the mole. It is better to choose an excellent technique to remove the mole and reduce the chance of scarring.

What Do We Have To Do After the Mole Treatment?

  • You have to clean the wound daily by applying hydrogen peroxide.
  • After cleaning it, you can apply Vaseline and a bandage to the damage.
  • Repeat the process until the recovery of the injury.

Natural Treatment for Mole Removal


You can apply garlic on a mole for a certain amount of time until it will not disappear because garlic has enzymes that may break down the cells that create the mole.

Castor oil

Castor oil helps to nourish the skin and it has fatty acids, inflammatory properties. You can take a few drops of castor oil and half a tablespoon of baking sodas into a bowl, mix them well, and apply them to the mole. It will create an ointment that can reduce moles when used regularly. Baking soda helps to remove the mole.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil has antioxidant properties, and it helps to eliminate the appearance of a mole. You can regularly take oregano oil and castor oil, mix them, and apply the mixture to diminish the mole.


You can apply iodine regularly to reduce the mole. Remember that iodine can burn the skin because it contains toxic, so to protect it, you can use petroleum jelly around the mole.

Lemon Juice

Lemon contains citrus acid and antioxidant properties. You can apply lemon juice to reduce the mole from the body. Take cotton and a bowl of lemon juice. Apply it on the mole to remove it, and regularly apply the lemon.

Tea oil

Tea oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to decrease the appearance of a mole. You can take a cotton ball and a few drops of tea oil. Now, dip cotton into tea oil and apply to the mole. Apply it regularly until it may not diminish from the body.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties which help to remove the mole. Take some Aloe Vera gel and apply to the mole. Apply it regularly for best results.


Honey contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply honey directly to the mole. To disappear it, use it regularly on the mole for a month.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil helps to treat cuts and other lacerations. People us this remedy to remove the appearance of moles and dark spots. It also contains fatty acid and anti-inflammatory properties, apply it regularly for good results.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps to diminish the size of moles because it contains citric acid and lauric acid. Also, it helps to remove giant moles if applied regularly.


You have learned about mole removal treatment. It can occur on the body at a young age but they are harmless. If you have any pain from the mole, you can consult with the doctor for treatment. Also, consult with the doctor before going for natural treatment.