Nestle Products list Price in India with Weight & Reviews .

Nestle Products list Price in India with Weight & Reviews .
Nestle Products list Price in India with Weight & Reviews .

Nestle is a Swiss-based food company founded in the year 1905. It was a merger of two companies, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk and Henri Nestle’s infant food. Nestle owns 447 factories worldwide in 86 countries. Nestle is a German word which means little nest and that is what defines its logo. Nestle has vast categories and varieties of food. Nestle’s slogan “Good Food, Good Life” signifies enhancement in quality of food enhances the quality of life and contributes towards a healthier future. It owns more than 2000 products And is the world’s largest food company in terms of revenue. The wide range of Nestle Products list caters to the needs of all age groups be it an infant, adult or even your pets. Nestle products include beverages, infant foods, healthcare nutrition, milk products etc. We Present You the Nestle products price list in India with weight and reviews.

Here you can find the list of all Nestle products with price in India:–

1.Baby foods 

Baby foods are intended to be in a liquid or semi-solid form that can easily be consumed by newborns. It should contain fresh fruits and veggies along with some protein, which helps in infant growth and supplies their bones and muscles with proper nutrition. Here you can find the list of all baby food products provided by Nestle for ages ranging from 6 months to 2 years, with many variations and flavours, which would taste good to babies.

Sr.NoNestle Baby Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle NAN Pro 1 Infant Formula (0-6 months)400 gm₹560
2Nestle NAN Excella Pro Follow up Formula (6 months+)400 gm₹ 692
3Nestle NAN Digest baby formula Powder(0-6 months)800 gm₹ 2267
4Nestle NAN Pro 2 follow up  formula(6 months+)400 gm₹ 530
5Nestle NAN excella Pro 2 infant follow up formula(6 months+)400 gm₹ 692
6Nestle NAN Pro 3 follow up formula(12 months+)300 gm₹ 525
7Nestle NAN Pro 4 Follow-Up Infant Formula (18…400 gm₹520
8Nestle Cerelac wheat rice Moong Dal khichdi(6 months+)300 gm₹ 172
9Nestle Cerelac wheat apple(6 months+)300 gm₹ 179
10Nestle Cerelac rice(6 months+)300 gm₹ 170
11Nestle Cerelac wheat(6 months+)300 gm₹ 169
12Nestle Cerelac wheat apple carrot(6 months+)300 gm₹ 195
13Nestle Cerelac wheat honey(6 months – 2 yea₹)300 gm₹ 210
14Nestle Cerelac wheat orange(8 months+)300 gm₹ 210
15Nestle Cerelac khichdi with vegetables and Ghee(8 months+)300 gm₹ 205
16Nestle Nestum rice 3 fruit(7-12 months)300 gm₹ 165
17Nestle Cerelac wheat apple cherry(8 months+)300 gm₹ 205
18Nestle Cerelac wheat rice Moong Dal veg khichdi(8 months+)300 gm₹ 205
19Nestle Cerelac rice vegetables(8 months+)300 gm₹ 210
20Nestle Cerelac wheat orange(8 months+)300 gm₹ 210
21Nestle Cerelac wheat rice mixed fruit(10 months+)300 gm₹ 229
22Nestle Cerelac wheat mixed vegetable(10 months+)300 gm₹ 225
23Nestle Cerelac with milk, multigrain and fruits(12 months+)300 gm₹ 239
24Nestle Cerelac multigrain Dal veg(12 months+)300 gm₹ 230
25Nestle Cerelac wheat rice mixed veg(12-24 months)300 gm₹ 225
26Nestle Cerelac infant cereal 5 grains and fruits(18 – 24 months)300 gm₹ 249
27Nestle Nestum Rice(6 months – 2 yea₹)300 gm₹ 125
28Nestle Lactogen 1 follow up formula (upto 6 months)400 gm₹ 302
29Nestle Lactogen 2 follow up formula(6 months+)400 gm₹ 292
30Nestle Lactogen 3 follow up infant formula Powder(12 months+)400 gm₹ 277
31Nestle Lactogen 4 follow up infant formula(18 – 24 months)400 gm₹ 272
32Nestle Ceregrow(2-5 year₹)300 gm₹ 260
33Nestle Ceregrow multigrain cereal with milk and fruits(2-5 year₹)300 gm₹ 260
33Nestle Ceregrow Organic Selection200 gm₹ 350

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2. Bottled water

Bottled Water is generally referred to as “mineral water” found naturally packaged and often sold. Mineral water is high in calcium and magnesium content which are considered soft and easy to consume. People at any given day or place prefer consuming bottled water instead of tap water. Due to this high demand, the supply of bottled water has also increased. There are more than 4000 brands of bottled water available worldwide. Nestle also has contribution among the brands.

Sr.NoNestle Water Bottle in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle Pure life1 litre₹ 20

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3. Breakfast/Cereals

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day for most of the people. Hence, it should be healthy, nutritious and energy booster, which triggers a quick and kick-start for the people. It is believed that if all one needs to skip their meal in a day then it should never be the breakfast as it provides energy and enthusiasm to work for the rest of the day. Nestle take care of their consumers by supplying ready to make breakfast, which is quick and easy to cook.

Sr.NoNestle Breakfast/Cereals Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Granola – Nutty Honey250 gm₹ 170
2Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Kokos – Choco Krunch350 gm₹ 155
3Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Fillows – Choco-Burst250 gm₹ 170
4Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Fillows – Strawberry-Burst250 gm₹ 170
5Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Flakes – Classic250 gm₹ 100
6Nestle NesPlus Breakfast Cereal, Multigrain Flakes – Classic500 gm₹ 195
7Nestle NesPlus Crunchy Flakes250gm₹ 95
8Nestle NesPlus Crunchy Flakes475 gm₹ 180
9Nestle NesPlus Crunchy Granola 475 gm ₹ 180
10Nestle Koko Krunch 475 gm ₹ 180
11Nestle Koko Krunch Choco Burst 475 gm ₹ 180
12Nestle Koko Krunch Strawberry Flavour Burst 475 gm ₹ 180

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4. Chocolates & Candies

Chocolates and confectionery are high in calories but fat-free foods. These are the most favourite and demanded food of children. Though excessive consumption can cause many health issues, however, if consumed in optimum quantity proves good for health and brain. Nestle is a leading brand in this category and provides all varieties that could be known. Some popular nestle chocolate brands are KitKat, Milky bar, Crunch, Munch, Polo etc. The list below includes Nestle chocolate price list in India/ Nestle chocolates products price list/ nestle chocolates price list in India

Sr.NoNestle Chocolates & Candies Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle Scaries Milk Chocolate in Sugar Shell Packet112 gm  ₹ 599
2Nestle KitKat Chocolate37.5 gm₹ 25
3Nestle KitKat Chocolate12.5 gm₹ 10
4Nestle KitKat Mini Moments Desserts255 gm₹ 1299
6KitKat Dessert Delight50gm₹ 50
7Nestle KitKat Chocolate27.5 gm₹ 20
8Munch Wafer3.2 gm₹ 2
9Munch11.1 gm₹ 5
10Munch20.1 gm₹ 10
11Munch Home72 gm₹ 60
12Munch Nuts32gm₹ 20
13Milkybar Chocolate40gm₹ 25
14Milkybar Chocolate26 gm₹ 20
15Milkybar Choo10 gm₹ 5
16Milkybar Choo40 gm₹ 25
17Alpino23 gm₹ 25
19NESTLE BARONE27 gm₹ 10
20NESTLE BARONE charge40 gm₹ 20
21NESTLE BARONE44 gm₹ 20
22Nestle Classic18 gm₹ 10
23Nestle Classic36 gm₹ 20
24NESTLÉ Milkybar Eclairs3.2 gm₹ 1
25CHOCO LICKO Éclairs3.4 gm₹ 1
26NESTLÉ Eclair2.8 gm₹ .5
27POLO6 gm₹ 2
28POLO17.16 gm₹ 5
29POLO30 gm₹ 10
30NESTLÉ PARTY TREATS149.9 gm₹ 100
31Nestle Fox’S Crystal Clear Fruits Flavored Candy Tin180 gm₹ 140
32Nestle Fox’S Crystal Clear Fruits Flavored Candy Pouch90 gm₹ 47
33Nestle Sweet Tarts Original Candy Box141.7 gm₹ 475
34Nestle Quality Street Toffees Tin480 gm₹ 1299
35Nestle Quality Street Toffees Tin720 gm₹ 1875
36Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins200 gm₹ 799
37Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins400 gm₹ 1299
38Rowntrees Fruit Gum120 gm₹ 339

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5. Coffee

Coffee acts as a brain-booster for humans. It contains caffeine that stimulates hormones and our thoughts become logical. People from 18 – 35 years of age mostly consume it. It is the most popular drink in the world and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Many often consume it alongside breakfast or after dinner at home. In fact, the coffee break is referred to as a short mind rest period for employees in business and industry. Nestle coffee product list is as follows.

Sr.NoNestle Coffee Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee150 gm₹ 599
2Nestle Coffee Mate Richer & Creamer400 gm₹ 580
3Nestle Coffee-Mate – Fat Free453 gm₹ 599
4Nestle Coffee Mate400 gm₹ 399
5Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style Coffee180 gm₹ 1599
6Nestle Nescafe Latte Hazelnut Premix Coffee 20 saches480 gm₹ 1299
7Nescafe Gold Toffee Nut Latte100 gm₹ 715
8Nescafe Brasero Double Filter Coffee100 gm₹ 665
9Nescafe Signature Blend Hot Coffee Premix1kg₹ 400
10Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Bottle250 gm₹ 1225
11Nescafe Americano Instant Coffee Mixed with Arabica Ground Roasted Coffee240 gm₹ 875
12Nescafe Gold Caramel Latte136 gm₹ 765
13Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee (Decaff)100 gm₹ 1070
14Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee (Intenso)100 gm₹ 1095
15Nestle Nescafe Gold Blend50gm₹ 500
16Nescafé Alta Rica100 gm₹ 799
17Nescafe Gold Zacht & Rijk45 gm₹ 750
18Nescafe Sunrise Premium50 gm₹ 280
19Nescafé Classic Coffee100 gm₹ 265
20Nescafé Classic Coffee25 gm₹ 70
21Nescafé Classic Coffee pouch50gm₹ 130
22Nescafé Classic Coffee200 gm₹ 440
23Nescafé Green Coffee200 gm₹ 550
24Nescafé Choco Moca100 gm₹ 125
25Nescafé Classic Coffee1 gm₹ 2
26Nescafé Nestea Iced Tea400 gm₹ 165

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6. Health & Nutrition

Healthcare & Nutrition are supplements, specially prepared for people who suffer from nutrition issues like obesity, food allergies, malnutrition, diabetes, renal disorders to meet their body’s nutritional need. Nutritionist keenly observes and understand their patient’s requirement and according recommend the most suitable product for them. Nestle is continuously expanding its vision in this category by manufacturing healthcare science nutritious products and helping more people out.See also  Importance of PR Coverage for Tech Business

Sr.No.Nestle Health & Nutrition Product List in IndiaWeightPrice
1NESTLÉ BABY & me400 gm₹ 440
2Peptamen Peptide-Based Diet400 gm₹ 1299
4Nestle Resource High Protein400gm₹ 895
5Nestle Resource Opti400 gm₹ 650
6Nestlé Novasource Nutrihep400 gm₹ 995

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7. Milk Products

Milk Products or Dairy products are defined as food products, which are produced from milk. They are a rich source of energy as water is the main constituent of milk, which comprises 70% of our human body. These are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and 16 more nutrients. Nestle produces milk products like cheese, yoghurt, raita, milkmaid etc. that can be processed with other food items to prepare lip-smacking dishes.

Sr.No.Nestle Milk Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Strawberry100 gm₹ 40
2Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Mango100 gm₹ 40
3Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Blueberry100 gm₹ 40
4Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Orange 100 gm₹ 40
5Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Pineapple100 gm₹ 40
6Nestle a+ grekyo yoghurt Plain100 gm₹ 40
7Nestle Everyday Dairy whitener400 gm₹ 169
8Nestle Everyday Dairy whitener1 kg₹ 413
9Nestle Everyday Masala Fusion100 gm₹ 70
10Nestle Everyday Pure Ghee1 kg₹ 450
11Nestle Everyday Dairy Creamer360 gm₹ 395
12Nestle Everyday Milk Powder21.50 gm₹ 10
13Nestle a+ Toned milk1 Litre₹ 75
14Nestle a+ slim milk low fat1 litre₹. 80
15Nestle a+ slim dahi low fat400 gm₹ 70
16Nestle a+ dahi400 gm₹ 65
17Nestle flavoured milk MILO180 ml₹ 30
18Nestle NESCAFÉ Ready-to-drink Hazelnut (Tetra Pack)180 ml₹ 35
19Nestle NESCAFÉ Ready-to-drink Intense Café (Tetra Pack)180 ml₹ 35
20Nestle NESCAFÉ Ready-to-drink Intense Café (Cans)180 ml₹ 50
21Nestle NESCAFÉ Ready-to-drink Chilled Latté (Tetra Pack)180 ml₹ 35
22Nestle NESCAFÉ Ready-to-drink Chilled Latté (Cans)180 ml₹ 50
23Nestle Jeera Raita380 gm₹ 25
24Nestle a+ Raita, Bhuna Jeera Curd (Cup)185gm₹ 35
25Nestle a+ Raita, Bhuna Jeera Curd (Cup)380 gm₹ 65
26Nestle Milkmaid400 gm₹ 113
27Nestle Original cream160 gm₹ 350
28Nestle nesquik powder chocolate500 gm₹ 375
29Nestle nesquik opti start chocolate drink mix420 gm₹ 799
30Nestle nesquik chocolate drink300 gm₹ 410
31Nestle nesquik complementing milk strawberry flavour500 gm₹ 610
32Nestle nesquik powder, Banana300 gm₹ 599
33Nestle nesquik banana milkshake mix300 gm₹ 415
34Nestle Hot cocoa rich chocolate flavour hot cocoa mix case454 gm₹ 6364
35Nestle actiplus Probiotic dahi400 gm₹ 70

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8. Food Service (Maggi)

It is the most famous and tasty section by nestle, it comprises of Maggi Noodles, Pazzta, Ketchup, All Maggi Products With Price, Review, Weight etc, All MAGGI 2 minutes noodles, MAGGI Nutri-Licious Atta Noodles Masala, Maggi Cooking Masala etc all the products by Maggi in India

Sr.No.Name of Maggi Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 1 pc70 gm₹ 12
2MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 2pcs140 gm₹ 22
3MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 4pcs280 gm₹ 44
4MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 6pcs420 gm₹ 65
5MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 8pcs560 gm₹ 86
6MAGGI 2 minutes noodles 12pcs840 gm₹ 128
7Maggi Fusian Hong Kong Spicy Garlic70 gm₹ 15
8Maggi Fusian Singapore Tangy Pepper70 gm₹ 15
9Maggi Fusian Bangkok Sweet Chili70 gm₹ 15
10MAGGI Special Masala Noodles70 gm₹ 15
11MAGGI Special Masala Noodles840 gm₹ 180
12MAGGI 2-Minute Special Masala 12pcs840 gm₹ 180
13MAGGI Nutri-licious Atta Noodles Masala 1pc75 gm₹ 19
14MAGGI Nutri-licious Atta Noodles Masala 4pcs300 gm₹ 75
15MAGGI Nutri-licious Atta Noodles Mexicana 1pc75 gm₹ 19
16MAGGI Nutri-licious Atta Noodles Mexicana 4pcs300 gm₹ 75
17MAGGI Nutri-licious Oats Noodles Masala 1pc75 gm₹ 24
18MAGGI Nutri-licious OatsNoodles Masala 4pcs300 gm₹ 95
19MAGGI Nutri-licious Oats Noodles Herbs&Spices 1pc75 gm₹ 24
20MAGGI Nutri-licious Oats Noodles Herbs&Spices 4pcs300 gm₹ 95
21MAGGI No Onion No Garlic Noodles70 gm₹ 14
22MAGGI HotHeads Peri Peri Noodles71 gm₹ 20
23MAGGI HotHeads Barbeque Pepper Noodles71 gm₹ 20
24MAGGI HotHeads Chilli Chicken Noodles71 gm₹ 20
25MAGGI HotHeads Green Chilli Noodles71 gm₹ 20
26MAGGI Chicken Noodles71 gm₹ 14
27MAGGI Chicken Noodles 4 pcs284 gm₹ 55
28MAGGI Masala Cuppa70 gm₹ 40
29MAGGI Chilly Chow Cuppa70 gm₹ 40
30MAGGI Chicken Cuppa70 gm₹ 40
31MAGGI Hotheads Peri Peri Cuppa70 gm₹ 40
32MAGGI Hotheads Barbeque PepperCuppa70 gm₹ 40
33MAGGI PAZZTA Cheesy Tomato Twist65 gm₹ 24
34MAGGI PAZZTA Mushroom Penne65 gm₹ 24
35MAGGI PAZZTA Masala Penne65 gm₹ 24
36MAGGI PAZZTA Cheese Macaroni65 gm₹ 24
37MAGGI Cup-a-licious Soups Cream of Corn with Pepper Soup15 gm₹ 15
38MAGGI Cup-a-licious Soups Vegetable with Chilli Pepper Soup15 gm₹ 15
39MAGGI Cup-a-licious Soups Dal Shorba with Roasted Garlic Soup15 gm₹ 15
40MAGGI Cup-a-licious Soups Winter vegetables with Ginger Soup15 gm₹ 15
41MAGGI Cup-a-licious Soups Tomato Margherita Soup15 gm₹ 15
42MAGGIHot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce200 gm₹ 58
43MAGGI Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce500 gm₹ 101
44MAGGI Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce1 kg₹ 152
45MAGGI Rich Tomato Ketchup200 gm₹ 54
46MAGGI Rich Tomato Ketchup500 gm₹ 97
47MAGGI Rich Tomato Ketchup1 kg₹ 147
48MAGGI Rich Tomato Sauce (No Onion No Garlic)200 gm₹ 52
49MAGGI Rich Tomato Sauce (No Onion No Garlic)500 gm₹ 95
50MAGGI Rich Tomato Sauce (No Onion No Garlic)1 kg₹ 142
51MAGGI Przyprawa W Plynie Seasoning Sauce200 ml₹ 299
52MAGGI Pichkoo Rich Tomato Ketchup90 gm₹ 15
53MAGGI Pichkoo Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce90 gm₹ 15
54MAGGI Pichkoo Masala Sauce90 gm₹ 15
55MAGGI Pichkoo Imli Sauce90 gm₹ 15
56MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic6 gm₹ 5
57MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic78 gm₹ 50
58MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic Chicken Masala36 gm₹ 30
59MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic South Veg36 gm₹ 30
60MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic South Chicken Sharebag36 gm₹ 30
61MAGGI Magic Cubes Vegetarian Masala40 gm₹ 34
62MAGGI Magic Cubes Chicken40 gm₹ 34
63MAGGI Vegetable Stock Bullion Cubes480 gm₹ 600
64MAGGI Bhuna Masala for Gravy Dishes, Dals & Vegetables65 gm₹ 34
65MAGGI Bhuna Masala for Makhani Dishes65 gm₹ 34
66MAGGI Bhuna Masala for Korma Dishes65 gm₹ 34
67MAGGI Przyprawa W Plynie Seasoning Sauce200 ml₹ 299
68MAGGI Savor Classic Liquid Seasoning Bottle130 ml₹ 575
69MAGGI Savor Garlic Liquid Seasoning130 ml₹ 575
70MAGGI Savor Calamansi Liquid Seasoning Bottle130 ml₹ 575
71MAGGI Real Coconut Milk Powder300 gm₹ 575
72MAGGI Real Coconut Milk Powder1 kg₹ 999

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9. Pet Care

Petcare products are equally important and crucial as human care products. They are made keeping in mind the delicacy and fragility of pets. Starting from nutritious food to healthy diet with varieties and flavours, our pets need the same quality of care just like us. Nestle not only care for you but it also cares for your pets and hence you do not have to worry about buying food for your pet from a different store or brands as for yourself. So Nestle Dog Food & Cat Food is also available in India.

Sr. NoNestle PetCare Products List in IndiaWeightPrice
1Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Puppy400 gm
2Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Puppy2.5 Kg
3Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Puppy12 Kg
4Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Puppy400 gm
5Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Puppy2.5 Kg
6Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Puppy12 Kg
7Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult400 gm
8Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult2.5 Kg
9Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult12 Kg
10Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult400 gm
11Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult2.5 Kg
12Purina Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult12 Kg
13Purina Supercoat Puppy400 gm₹ 130
14Purina Supercoat Puppy2 Kg₹ 540
15Purina Supercoat Puppy8 Kg₹ 1950
16Purina Supercoat Puppy10 Kg₹ 2300
17Purina Supercoat Adult2 Kg₹ 495
18Purina Supercoat Adult8 Kg₹ 825
19Purina Supercoat Small Breed3 Kg₹ 750
20Purina Supercoat Small Breed10 Kg₹ 2300
21Purina Supercoat Heavy Weight Adult3 Kg₹ 744
22Purina Friskies Seafood Sensation Adult Cat Food1.2 Kg₹ 425
23Purina Friskies Seafood Sensation Adult Cat Food3 Kg₹ 875
24Purina Friskies Surfin Favorites Adult Cat Food1.2 Kg
25Purina Friskies Surfin Favorites Adult Cat Food4 Kg
26Purina Friskies Kitten Discoveries Cat Food1.2 Kg
27Purina Friskies Kitten Discoveries Cat Food5 Kg

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Nestle commits to provide the best to its consumers by giving quality assurance and product safety. It is a firm follower of environmental sustainability. Apart from the food product, it also offers skincare products. Nestle products logo.

Note: All the Products May Subject to Availability at any locations.

The biggest cosmetics company in the world is L’Oréal and Nestle is its main shareholder. It deals with a wide range of products from baby food to snacks but it sells the highest number of products in powdered and liquid segments. Nestle has forayed into nutrition, health and wellness segment to cater to the changing consumer’s demands for healthier alternatives. GBWhatsapp apk


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