Nick Oberheiden Tv Interviews Litigation Counsel


Nick Oberheiden’s first case of litigation convinced the CEO a multimillion-dollar company to reject all advice and follow Nick’s strategy. The client hired Nick, a junior solo practitioner lawyer. And Nick delivered. After a lengthy two-year litigation battle, the other firms predicted that Nick would win the case. However, Nick won the case and the final order established a federal precedent that is still being followed by federal judges throughout the United States.

  1. ” Brilliant legal skills” (verified client in litigation)
  2. “HTMOTO_ Nick is the best federal litigation attorney ” (verified client)
  3. ” It was an amazing experience to see Nick in action.” (verified litigation client).

Nick is a well-known litigation counsel who has represented celebrities, business executives, professionals, public officials, and others. Nick represented many people, including diplomats, U.S. governors, top executives of private companies and doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Nick’s practice focuses on federal litigation and government investigation.

  1. Nick was featured in the media across all 50 states
  2. Trusted TV commentator in America and abroad
  3. Interviewed by more than 200 U.S. newspapers and international publications, including Forbes Magazine, L.A. Times, USA
  4. Today and Wall Street Journal.

When clients need a proven, effective approach to their federal criminal and civil defense cases, Nick Oberheiden is the right choice. Nick Oberheiden has represented hundreds of civil cases, many of which involved the U.S. Department of Justice. He has a solid track record of dismissing or settling cases with no liability for his clients.

Here’s a selection of criminal and civil cases where Nick was lead litigation counsel.

  1. Current U.S. Governor
  2. A Justice Department investigation is conducted by an elected official.
  3. Official from the White House in OPR matters
  4. One of the most closely followed litigation cases in the country.
  5. An internationally recognized attorney in the entertainment industry.
  6. In a $ 500m stake litigation, the CEO of a national conglomerate.
  7. In a government audit, the CEO of a national company is interviewed.
  8. Major company involved in an audit of immigration and fraud.
  9. In a Medicare fraud investigation, a multi-billion-dollar company was identified.
  10. In a probe into healthcare fraud, a national medical device company was involved.


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