Official Site Plan As An Attachment For Construction Financing

Official Site Plan As An Attachment For Construction Financing
Official Site Plan As An Attachment For Construction Financing

An official site plan is an official, official document which, according to the applicable building regulations, must be an integral part of every building application. An official site plan is prepared either by a sworn surveying expert, an officially appointed surveyor or by an authority that is of equal rank to them, based on the official cadastral map (also referred to as a field map).

Official site plan

With the information in an official site plan, the planned construction project can be better assessed and a well-founded decision can be made as to whether the project will be approved by the responsible authority or not. Such an official site plan always consists of a graphic and a written part.

Official site plan: How high are the costs?

An official Site plan is issued and issued by the relevant authority for a fee. The fee to be paid depends on the respective federal state and is usually between 30 and 150 euros. If , in addition to an official site plan, other documents are required for the building application , such as an object-related site plan, a position and height check, a measurement of the building or a detailed marking out, the costs are much higher.

In order to find out the costs for such a site plan, the client can contact the issuing authority, which will provide information about what is required for an official site plan and what it costs.

What is the purpose of an official site plan?

If you want to build a house on a plot of land in Germany, you need a building permit from the responsible authority, the building regulations office. A building application with all the necessary documents must be submitted there.

These documents also include an official site plan. It shows which construction measures are planned and whether they comply with the legal requirements.

What versions of an official site plan are there?

Different versions of such a site plan can be requested. A distinction is made between the following variants:

  • Site plan section with neighboring properties
  • Official site plan with information from the building authority
  • Official site plan without information from the building authority

Depending on the construction project, the competent authority can determine which official site plan is to be submitted for the building application to be submitted.


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