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Painting your home isn’t just about making your home look good. It also serves as a weather protection, gives character to your property and maintains the value of your home and neighborhood. Any painter at the Opalpainting will tell you that if not properly painted, hard winter snow and more than days of sunshine a year can damage your home. As for house painters Sydney, the Opalpainting is covered. This allows local interior and exterior painters to answer frequently asked customer questions.

How often should I hire a painter?

As paint begins to age and wear, it cracks and separates from the wood itself. If you don’t cut while on the move, the wood itself is constantly exposed to the elements. Wind, snow, rain and intense sunlight can decompose, deform or wear down the wood in your home. Fixing minor problems early and immediately can result in lower costs and fewer problems. We recommend painting every 5-10 years.

What paint should I use?

Any Opalpainting painter will tell you that the best exterior paint for your project will enhance the look of your home while protecting it from moisture, fading, and temperature fluctuations. The best exterior paint should withstand harsh weather conditions, sunlight, changing temperatures, and more. For this reason, some formulas are designed to be used in specific parts of the home. The type of exterior paint you choose will depend on what areas and surfaces in your home you are painting. Contact a house painters Sydney for a personal opinion.

What is the typical durability of a new paint?

If done well, most paint jobs will take between seven and ten years. There are several factors that affect the life of a paint coat, including exterior finish, location, and quality of the previous paint coat.

Opalpainting home painter

Opalpainting has the reputation, skills and experience to do its job well. We are happy to help you plan and implement your upcoming painting project. Call for an individual offer to get the ball rolling!


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