PDF won’t open? How to fix PDF files not opening error

How to fix PDF files not opening error
  • It is truly frustrating when PDF files won’t open due to outdated Adobe Reader or damaged PDF files.
  • If you can’t open PDF files after upgrading to Windows 10, check for Adobe Reader settings.
  • Also, make sure that Adobe Reader or Acrobat is the default program to open PDFs.
  • You can try to repair the program if the PDF file is not opening and you are sure is not corrupted.

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Did you recently upgrade your computer or install Windows 10 and now you are having problems opening PDF files?

Then you have come to the right place. There are many factors that can prevent a SODAPDF file from opening in Acrobat or Adobe reader, including Reader or Acrobat is out of date or the pdf file is damaged.

Also, you can have this problem if the files were created with non-Adobe programs or you are trying to open some suspicious PDF files. Furthermore, the program itself, Reader or Acrobat, can be damaged.

When trying to open a PDF file, the system does not give any error message nor does it open the file. Only a busy icon appears for a few seconds and then nothing, not even a blink of a new window/frame.

This issue can as well be termed as the mother of all PDF problems in Windows 10. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the causes as well as give you solutions that might fix the issues. So let’s get started.

What can I do if I can’t open PDF files in Adobe Reader?

1. Install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat

If you are using an outdated Adobe Acrobat version, then it might not be well placed to open all your PDF files. Adobe updates its Acrobat and Reader apps on a regular basis.

That’s why we can only encourage you to download the software from Adobe’s official distribution page. While there, pick the current OS system version and hit the Download Now button.

Grabbing the latest version will most likely fix conflicts with your system. That will make a huge difference if the current one is corrupted.

Moreover, the latest fixes and security improvements will keep Adobe Acrobat running smoothly at all times.