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On charges of conspiracy, fraud involving accessibility devices, and aggravated identity theft, Diogo Santos Coelho, the proprietor of RaidForums and resident of the UK, might be deported to the US. babuk raid forums Europol 500k ilascu bleepingcomputer.

The US government took down the hacker forum RaidForums and seized its domains from cybercriminals who primarily used it to buy and sell stolen databases as part of an investigation headed by Europol and involving law enforcement authorities from other countries.

Kenneth Polite Jr., associate attorney general for the US Justice Department (DOJ), claims that “the removal of this online market for the resale of compromised or stolen data undermines one of the key ways hackers benefit from the widespread theft of confidential financial and personal information.”

The DOJ stated that several stolen data databases contained more than 10 billion unique records for people that were for sale prior to the forum’s confiscation.

As part of the global law enforcement operation known as Operation Tourniquet, which involved cooperation between Europol, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA), the US Justice Department, as well as law enforcement officials from Portugal, Sweden, and Romania, the RaidForums hacker forum was taken down.

According to Europol, the various countries worked together on this investigation for at least a year through the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce, where authorities shared evidence to aid detectives in identifying the various roles played by those in charge of running the market.

In addition to being charged in the US, Diogo Santos Coelho, the chief administrator and founding member of RaidForums from Portugal, was imprisoned in the UK in January. Coelho has been accused of running the forum, which involves setting up a membership system via which users of the website could pay for access to chat rooms where they could exchange links, pictures, and other data pertaining to criminality.

Allegations against him relate to his role as RaidForums’ chief administrator and include conspiracy, access device fraud, and felony identity theft.


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