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Ranking the ‘Jeopardy guest hosts”: How high do Aaron Rodgers, Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings rank?



Ranking the 'Jeopardy guest hosts": How high do Aaron Rodgers, Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings rank?

Since “Jeopardy guest hosts” lost long-time beloved host Alex Trebek to his battle with pancreatic cancer last year, America’s most popular answer-and-question quiz show has gone to a series of celebrity guest hosts with thousands of dollars going to their charities of choice — matching the winnings of the contestants.

Before a permanent replacement for Trebek is named at some point for Season 38, which starts September 13 — no longer executive producer Mike Richards —16 hosts have taken to the legendary lectern for a total of 160 new episodes over the past seven months. With more now likely to come next season here’s how Sporting News ranks them all, from worst to best as they all worked to honor the late, great Trebek:Kyrie Irving returns to Nets, opts into $36.5M player option | SPEAK FOR YOURSELFPauseNext video0:28 / 3:40Full-screen

The Jeopardy! celebrity guest hosts, ranked


Dr. Mehmet Oz

Strengths: Experience and enthusiasm. Oz is a regular on this own television and radio shows. so there was no issue of comfort level in front of the camera. He has natural passion for the game and showed his giddyness in each of his episodes.

Weaknesses. Delivery and diction. For those who aren’t fans of his medical programming, they should be aware that Oz is a bit all over the place with his presentation. That may work fine when talking about certain bodily functions, but it didn’t translate well to quizmastering.

Bottom line: Trebek once hosted a show called “The Wizard of Odds.” The good doctor didn’t provide a worthy sequel.

Savannah Guthrie

Strengths: Smarts and congeniality. Guthrie, whose credentials include a law degree from Georgetown, is bright and she matched that with a cheery personality. She proved to be very welcoming with the contestants, providing a warm space for the super intelligent.

Weaknesses: Voice and flow. Guthrie has a good conversational tone made for the morning newsreading and chat on “The TODAY Show.” That same strength led to some choppiness in getting through the answers and providing the correct questions. The flavor text often slowed down the pace of her games.

Bottom line: Guthrie passed for a short-term stint, but she shouldn’t think about quitting her TODAY job.

Bill Whitaker

Strengths: Experience and versatility. Whitaker, a CBS news veteran, was the least-known choice for the general public. But he showed his love of the game and respect for Trebek while taking the lectern.

Weaknesses: Rhythm and slowness. Whitaker’s contestants often didn’t get through the whole board. His newsreading style with the answers didn’t allow for the usual snappy level of responses. He also was subdued and didn’t show any of that Trebek charisma.

Bottom line: Whitaker provided another case of a strong broadcast journalist not made for the full-time transition to educational entertainment.

Joe Buck

Strengths: Experience and natural feel. Buck has done everything one could imagine as a Hall of Fame sports broadcaster. As the son of late St. Louis legend Joe Buck. the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with his personality, deliver and pedigree.

Weaknesses: Too sports-bally, less game-showy. Buck has done OK work with NFL, golf and other sports, but he still sounds best when doing baseball games given his presentation style. There was perhaps a little too much reaction and commentary when it was needed, especially when the championship run of Matt Amodio was deep and was no longer surprising anyone. He focused on Amodio like he was Derek Jeter on the Yankees dynasty. He was solid in the interview portion, but the question-answer part had some forced flavor.

Bottom line: Buck is really good at his day jobs with Fox Sports, but he’s not meant to follow Trebek.

Buzzy Cohen

Strengths: Knowledge and connectiveness. Buzzy knows what’s going on behind the buzzer as well as anyone, having won the Tournament of Champions as a contestant. His spectacled sartorial splendor gave him a blend of television flair and another way to relate to the geek chic of the players.

Weaknesses: Inexperience and more inexperience. Although there weren’t any true nerves with Cohen, it was clear he was out of his element a little presenting vs. competing.

Bottom line: Cohen was a good get in the contestant realm behind Ken Jennings, as other top players such as Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer wouldn’t have been as smooth on the other side of the lectern. But Buzzy is best as a short-term guest only.


Anderson Cooper

Strengths: Command and delivery. Cooper had previous reality competition experience from the celebrity edition of “The Mole” and has proved to be entertaining in his New Year’s Eve gigs with Andy Cohen. His voice, intelligence and polish as a long-time CNN personality were major assets with Trebek-like familiarity to most of the audience.

Weaknesses: Inconsistency and inaccuracy. Cooper handled most of the clues and was solid in the introduction and interview portions of the game. But the big surprise was some of his stumbles disseminating the source materal.

Bottom line: Cooper’s presentation was solid for what the show needed, but he wasn’t smooth enough overall to stand out as much as he should have.

George Stephanopoulos

Strengths: Pronounciation and presentation. Stephanopoulos was polished like many of the veteran brodcast journalists during the guest run. He used all of his “Good Morning America” anchoring and “This Week” moderation skills to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Workmanlike and methodical. Stephanopoulos’ strength also hurt him a little because he was straight-forward efficient working through the show but didn’t show off much of that Trebek-style personality.

Bottom line: He was right there in middle of the road among guest hosts, acceptable but not special.


LeVar Burton

Strengths: Dicton and presentation. Burton combined his “Reading Rainbow” hosting and long-time acting chops to deliver the answers well and carry that over into the conversations with contestants. He was professional and prepared like the beloved pro he is.

Weaknesses: Speed and reaction. Burton didn’t provide the best flow with his “correct” or “right” when the questions came his way. There was some hesistancy and unfortunately, he couldn’t make up much drama with his five game outcomes not in doubt. The run was too short for him to get settled enough to match his natural talent.

Bottom line: Burton was hyped going into his stint and has lobbied for the full-time job, but there were some nerves and tough breaks during his short run, including one dominant champion with five non-competitive games, including the record for lowest score in Jeopardy! history during his debut. Burton has a great voice and brings his acting chops, but he didn’t feel as natural as expected.


Katie Couric

Strengths: Disposition and distribuition. There was no doubt Couric, combining all the best elements of Guthrie, Whitaker and Cooper, was the best of the news personalities. Her positive energy carried over into the contestants. She excelled at reading the clues with the proper diction.

Weakness: More substance, less style. What made Trebek so awesome was that he could combine the professorial with all-out silly — including self-deprecation — when needed. He was serious about the game and didn’t take it too seriously. Couric could handle the game fine, but the hard-to-replace flair wasn’t there.

Bottom line: Couric would be a decent choice for permanency, but the show should want a little more in passing the mantle from Trebek.


Aaron Rodgers

Strengths: Preparation and enthusiasm. Rodgers was ready for the gig from the get-go. Just like he might study for a game as the reigning NFL MVP quarterback of the Packers, it was noticeable he watched a lot of what Trebek did and that he had plastered the lectern with tips to help him succeed. One could tell Rodgers had a blast hosting and the players fed off that. Once comfortable, his dry humor and personality shined through.

Weakness: Lack of experience. Rodgers looks like he has a bright future presenting on television, a la Michael Strahan, Peyton Manning and other notable NFL players. But Rodgers’ first such gig was a tough one, starting with his nerves and the competitive pressure he put on himself to be the best with Trebek in mind. By the end of the second week, however, Rodgers found his real rhythm.

Bottom line: Rodgers’ appearances revved up the attention on the show post Trebek, as well as the ratings. He appealed to both the hard-core and casual audiences. If he was the choice, making it work with his QB job or not, there would be more excitement than disapproval.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Strengths: Efficiency and cordiality. Gupta was a surprise with how well he kept the game moving, making sure to get through all the answers and questions but also bringing a sense of warmth in getting to know the players. He started every game with a smile and maintained the genuine joy for the opportunity. He used his intelligence and CNN experience to his full advantage, proved by his cool comfort.

Weakness: Substance over style. The doctor wasn’t flashy and was limited in his flavor text. There were a couple of messy points in his reaction to his reponses. His stint once again reminded everyone how hard it is to replace Trebek’s complete presence. 

Bottom line: Gupta has a great gig at CNN and is established in Atlanta, so it would be shocking if he made the full transition away from medical analysis. But he used his time wisely to prove he was much better for Jeopardy! than his colleague Cooper.

Strengths: Disposition and delivery. Roberts had one of the more joyful runs. She’s an amazing, strong woman who has been through some challenges, but keeps a smile on her face and a chuckle at the ready. She was good at bantering back and forth with contestants and reminded us how good of an interviewer she is.

Robin Roberts

Weaknesses: A little nervousnes. Roberts wanted to hit it out of the park to honor Trebek as a cancer survivor.  Here’s simply picking a nit with her overexuberance.

Bottom line: From “SportsCenter” to “GMA”, Roberts makes anything fun to watch because she’s a seasoned professional who loves her job. She would settle in nicely if called upon full time.


Mayim Bialik

Strengths: Savvy and style. As Bialik said herself while on the show, “Jeopardy!” was a perfect opportunity to blend her professorial persona as a neuroscientist and presentation skills as an actor. Although best known to modern, younger audiences as Amy Farrah Folwer on “The Big Bang Theory,” Bialik’s high level of on-screen experience dates all the way back to age 12 when she played a younger version of Bette Midler in “Beaches.” Bialik’s changing wardrobe, including her glasses, took Cohen’s nerdy flair to a whole other level. She also hosted with a smile or a laugh on her face, creating warmth for the contestants and audience alike.

Weakness: Unconventionality. For “Jeopardy!” diehards (like this article’s author), Biaylik’s quirkiness and presentation have great appeal post Trebek. More casual viewers may not be into her proud nerdiness as much, which is sad for them.

Bottom line: Borrowing from the underrated theme song to “Blossom” performed by the late New Orleans legend Dr. John, in my “opinionation”, the sun did surely shine for Bialik behind the lectern. in terms of the true celebrities to host the show so far, Bialik gets the narrowest edge over Rodgers. She is fully deserving of hosting the prime-time special versions of the show.


David Faber

Strengths: All-around presentation and interaction. Faber went from little-known financial show host and market analyst to proving he could take the “Squak on the Street” into polished “Jeopardy!” dictiion and delivery. He also was a natural interviewing the contestants with good flavor text and well-timed observational interjections. He also was great with the numbers, making him perfect to handle the big-money run of Matt Amodio, now the show’s No. 5 biggest winner.

Weaknesses: Limited star power and game-show inexperience. Will Faber energize new fans after being a pleasant surprise to long-time fans? He showed a lot of charisma, but will he still get the same respect as Trebek in time? Given Fabert had never done something like that before, the former “Power Player” was outstanding overall in pure emceeing.

Bottom line: Faber has said he’s willing to give up his CNBC gig should he get considered for the full-time “Jeopardy!” gig. He was easily the best celebrity guest host over a crowded field with Bialik’s personality propelling here to a strong fourth place.


Mike Richards

Strengths: Experience and insiderness. Richards has a rare background, being a strong presenter on shows varying from “Beauty and the Geek” to “Pyramid” before transitioning to be the savvy executive producer of “Jeopardy!”. He knows the game inside and out and has a good idea of how Trebek would want the tradition to continue. He has behind-the-scenes knowledge of how the answers should be read. He also is a natural with the contestant banter.

Weakness: Limited star power. Richards isn’t known to many who didn’t watch his previous hosted shows. But he makes for his ordinary name with a superb all-around approach to the game.

Bottom line: Richards’ run might have gotten lost a little in between the celebrities. Because of the troubling controversy from his past, he won’t be switching Emmy-winning roles on the show, resigning from full-time sydnicatd host status. But he will be trying to remain a key part of making the show click behind the scenes, no matter who takes over the lectern for the long term.


Ken Jennings

Strengths: Expertise and wit. Before he hosted the first 30 episodes post Trebek, Jennings won 74 games on the regular edition of the show before his various appearances on tournaments and all-star editions. He has remained a premier personality in the trivia scene, including his “Kennections” puzzles for “Mental Floss.” and “Jeopardy!” parlay into “The Chase” reboot. Jennings has a great blend of endearing nerdiness with the right dose of confidence, something Trebek also had.

Weakness: Lack of polish. Jennings, for not being a TV host, actor or newsperson, has grown to be a force in front of the camera.  As a small knock, it’s clear he’s not as refined as the slew of industry veterans who guest-hosted. 

Bottom line: The first is the best and should be the last (for now). Jennings should be considered the worthy front-runner for permanent host, with Richards having a big say in the choice.

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Tech Visionary

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Leadership Style

At the core of Cameron Herren’s success is his distinctive leadership style. Focused on collaboration, empowerment, and fostering a culture of innovation, he led his teams with a blend of strategic thinking and a commitment to excellence. Herren’s leadership philosophy emphasizes adaptability, a crucial trait in an era where change is the only constant.

Corporate Successes

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, Cameron Herren stands as a beacon of innovation and leadership. From his early entrepreneurial ventures to his influential role in shaping the tech industry, Herren’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact one individual can have. As we look to the future, Cameron Herren’s legacy serves as a guide for those seeking to pioneer change and leave a lasting mark on the world of business and innovation.

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Breakthrough Moments

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