Seven Top Social Business Intelligence Tools



Seven Top Social Business Intelligence Tools

You’ve learned that you can get the(BUY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS UK) business intelligence you need through social media. But, what are the top tools to analyze your social metrics, show your data, and make your decisions?

Let’s look closer at the top tools available to help you with your Social Business Intelligence.

1. Agorapulse

If you’re an Agorapulse subscriber, you’re aware that this social media service is more than an enterprise intelligence tool. However, its Reports tab is an excellent source of amazing social BI.

Agorapulse’s standard dashboards evaluate the most critical metrics to your team, including the performance of your content, engagement with your audience, and managing your community.

Each dashboard section contains data from a period of your choice, which means you can compare the performance over time and learn what makes your audience speak.

Customer sentiment

By using the labeling feature, you can determine customer satisfaction. When you employ labels that are either manually or automatically applied.

You can measure mood at any time to determine what has triggered the most favorable or unfavorable opinions.

Do you want to know what Facebook campaign or post gives you the most bang for your money? Using Agorapulse’s Facebook return on investment (ROI) report makes it possible to see which content.

Campaign is driving the highest amount of revenue and make use of the data to continue improving your marketing strategy.

Return on investment

Listening to reports on brand awareness will also give you insight into your brand.

Listening reports can assist you in evaluating the level of engagement in your campaign or the performance of your competitors. Brand awareness reports help you determine how prominent your company is on social media.

Brand recognition score

It is also possible to use the Power Reports tool to create customized reports for your team. Create the labels or profiles you would like to track and add the metrics you’d like to track.

They can be viewed as dashboards for the most current data or reports that show time changes.

2. Audience

With Audiense, it is possible to draw data from users’ social media accounts and utilize audience insights to inform your choices.

This tool analyses Twitter users based on hashtags and followers on accounts. It can also analyze the audience you have gathered from your customer relations management (CRM) or social listening tools.

Audience – social business intelligence tool

With the tool’s insight tool, you can find the top influencers and accounts, identify hashtags and keywords and create audience profiles. You can also build audience segments for an enlightened picture of your clients.

It is then possible to use the social BI system to conduct studies on competitors and generate leads, carry out market research, or even create more relevant content.

3. Board

A powerful tool for business intelligence, the board is designed to analyze your data, predict future performance and assist your team in developing a plan.


You can use the tool to model your data and imagine possible results so that you can determine the impact before when it occurs.

The board’s dashboards and reports can be fully customizable, allowing users to design and analyze your team’s requirements. Additionally, in addition to these charts, the board offers scorecards to compare your company against other brands in the market.

4. Cyfe

With Cyfe, it is easy to create dashboards for social business intelligence with the help of pre-made templates or create your customized layout.

You can also link any content from your YouTube channel to Facebook ad campaigns and then to the Google Analytics account to track your audience and marketing efforts across all channels.

Cyfe Social Business Intelligence tool

You can then use these data to discover what is driving the fastest growth, positive engagement, or sales with high value. You can also look at competitors’ social media accounts to gain more insight.

Through this social BI feature, it is possible to create content for social media that resonates, advertise your business more effectively and meet more significant goals in marketing.

5. Domo

If your data for marketing originates from a range of apps, Domo can link them together and offer actionable insights. It is a social BI tool that supports over 1,000 connected users. It can also allow manually uploaded databases. There’s practically no limit on the kind of data it can process.

Domo – social intelligence for a business tool

With Domo’s custom-designed visualizations, you will be able to see the impact of your marketing activities on your company’s performance. Also, you will get an overview of what’s moving up the needle of your company.

Because you can connect and contextualize different data sets and share business intelligence from social media across your entire organization. 

6. Looker

With its real-time dashboards and numerous possibilities for connectivity, Looker can be an excellent option for advanced BI requirements.

The platform is connected to a myriad of databases, allows you to select the cloud storage you want, and offers full visual customization to get the data your team requires.

The Looker tool lets you connect and connect various information sources and channels. This allows you to comprehend your customers better, spot problems before they get out of hand.

Then take action when the right time comes. The platform also allows data modeling to help you anticipate outcomes and make better decisions for your company.

7. Tableau

With the help of a BI tool such as Tableau, You don’t need to think about what’s driving the results from social media. Create custom dashboards to monitor essential performance indicators (KPIs) and create alerts so that you’re never missing a crucial moment.

It is also possible to set up dashboards that track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It is then easy to determine the most effective strategies.

However, while social media is essential, it might be for your marketing strategy. However, it’s likely not the only method that can generate results for your business. Because Tableau is designed to track and compare performance across different channels, it is possible to track the performance throughout the entire course of your campaign.

Social Business Intelligence: What We’ve Learned

Social business intelligence is a precious asset for your company. Do you want to benchmark your business against your rivals? Assess your marketing strategies? The best BI tool for you can aid you in making smarter choices supported by data from social media.

Start your efforts to improve your business’s social intelligence! Try our trial for free of our software to help you plan and track every aspect of your social media activities.



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