Shook sports broadcasts

TV camera in soccer stadium

Between a shattered product, financial instability and the accelerated arrival of new players, the football rights market has been hit by the corona virus pandemic – attacks that require a new role-playing game for its model.

Canal + and start Sports violates French champions’ contract, Euro sport relinquishes Bundesliga rights, France RMC Sport also demands money from UEFA for delaying the Champions League … The suspension of the competition has severely overshadowed the financial horizon of the owners on the right.

Sport streaming platform DAZN, new

 Especially in Germany and Italy, according to the newspaper, some of their employees were on vacation. In France, Start Sports has approved a restructuring project.

However, domestic rights to the French Championship increase by 60% (up to 1,217 million euros a year) and by the powerful 스포츠중계 by more than 4,500 million euros between 2019 and 2022 … Can these records continue to improve?

“Obviously, COVID-19 also has an impact on football.

But it’s too early to know how this will affect the value of rights, “said Jayme Rouges, president of a future Medicare broadcaster this week.

“The Model Pains”

When the Catalan leader says that despite concerns about the “quality” of the championship after France’s football contract, he does not underestimate the risk of playing long closed doors or otherwise being financially dubious destruction of clubs. Possible damage to the television product.

“Broadcasters are aware of this kind of pandemic

 There are and may be new terms of termination or compensation in the contracts, “said Stefan Kurten, sporting director of the European Broadcasting Union.

Suspending matches for online platforms is good, even in full growth before the crisis.

“Netflix, Twitch (video games), social media, all this means we spend less time playing sports on TV. The predominantly cable-based sports business model is suffering,” said Arnaud Simon, former CEO of Euro sport France, who is now. Head of the consulting room. Lineout Stories

These new actors took advantage of this moment to do additional sports. Amazon, which already owns some rights, such as the famous “Boxing Day” with the Prime Minister on December 26, has taken over a few more days in the Euro sport Bundesliga.


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