Shooting in Indianapolis: Brandon Scott Hall, 19



Indianapolis-Police searched the FedEx facility in Indianapolis on Friday, searching the suspect’s home for the motives for the latest mass shootings that rocked the United States.

The shooter was identified as Indiana’s 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hall, and two law enforcement officers who were briefed on the issue told The Associated Press. Investigators searched the Indianapolis home associated with the hall and seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, officials said. Officials were not allowed to speak publicly about the issue, so they spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Indianapolis police said earlier that they had not yet found the shooter’s motive to fire with a rifle late Thursday night at the FedEx processing center near Indianapolis Airport. The shooters began firing randomly at the people in the parking lot, then entered the building and continued shooting, said Craig McCart, deputy police chief. He said the shooter apparently committed suicide shortly before police entered the building.

“There was no conflict with anyone there,” he said. “There was no turmoil, no controversy. He just seemed to start shooting randomly.”

According to McCart, four people died outside the building and four more inside the building. Several people were injured, including five who were taken to the hospital. According to McCart, the killings took only a few minutes.

Coroner office personnel began the process of identifying victims on Friday afternoon. They said the process would take several hours.

Police chief Randall Taylor said that a “significant” number of employees at the FedEx facility were members of the Sikh community, and the Sikh Coalition later stated that members of the Sikh community were among the injured. “It’s very sad to learn,” he said. killed.

The coalition, which identifies itself as the largest Sikh civil rights group in the United States, expects authorities to “perform a full investigation, including possible bias,” in a statement. Said. Union Secretary-General Satjeet Kaur said more than 8,000 Sikh Americans live in Indiana3

The painful waiting by the workers’ families was exacerbated by the fact that most employees were not allowed to carry their mobile phones inside the FedEx building, making contact with them difficult.

“When I get a notification on my cell phone, my child doesn’t get a text message, I don’t get the information, but I still don’t know where it is … what should I do?” Mindy Carson said at the beginning of Friday. I said while holding back my tears.

Carson later heard from her daughter, Jessica, who works at the facility and said she was okay. She intended to see her, but didn’t say where she was.

In a statement, FedEx restricted access to mobile phones to a small number of workers in the dock and package sorting area to “support safety protocols and minimize potential distraction.” Said that.

FedEx Chairman and CEO Frederick Smith called the shooting “meaningless violence.”

“Today is a devastating day and it’s hard to describe in words the emotions we all feel,” he wrote to an employee by email.

The killing was the latest in a series of recent mass shootings across the country and was the third mass shooting in Indianapolis this year. Five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot dead in January, and a man was accused of killing three adults and one child during a quarrel at home in March. In other states, eight people were shot dead at a massage shop in the Atlanta area last month at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and 10 were shot deadi_

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogset said the community needed to prevent resignation, “this is just an assumption that it should be, and we may be accustomed to it.”

President Joe Biden was briefed on the shooting and said he called gun violence in the United States a “fashion.”

“Too many Americans die every day from gun violence, which defiles our character and pierces the very soul of our country,” he said in a statement. He then tweeted, “What we can and must do to reduce gun violence and save lives.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the shooting was “fearful and grieving” and called for Congressional action on gun control.

“When we pray for all affected families, we need to urgently work to enact common-sense gun violence prevention legislation to save lives and prevent this suffering,” said a Democratic leader. Tweeted.

Witnesses said he was working inside the building when he heard several gunshots in a row.

“A man came out with a rifle in his hand, started firing, and started screaming what I didn’t understand,” Levi Miller told WTHR-TV. “What I did was to duck down to make sure he wasn’t looking at me because he looked at me and thought he would shoot me.”

The man told WTTV that his niece was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car and she was injured when the shooting happened.

“She was shot in her left arm,” said Palminder Singh. “She’s fine, she’s in the hospital now.”

Governor Eric Holcomb ordered the half-mast to be raised until April 20, and he and others accused the shooting.

Chris Babender, a spokesman for the FBI’s Indianapolis office, said the agency is supporting the investigation.

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