Should yoga be considered a subject to be taught globally?


Before we continue with this post it is very important that we first understand the true meaning of Yoga. Globally, Yoga is known as a form of exercise that constitutes various postures and asana that helps to cure almost all kinds of body ailments. Well, having great health benefits is just the by-product of yoga. Yoga, in the true sense, means union. Ancient sages in India believed in non-duality i.e. everything in this universe is just one thing. Therefore yoga is a practice of union of oneself with the universe. Within the past decades, yoga has gained enormous popularity and as a consequence, various forms of yoga have also been developed. Yoga and meditation have been trending among youngsters lately, so I presume you must have heard about Hath yoga or Ashtanga yoga. These are examples of a few yoga techniques and there are many more like these. Since yoga has been gaining a lot of popularity, it has given rise to huge employment opportunities as well and there are literally various courses that train students to become certified yoga teachers. These yoga teachers can work independently, in school or companies. From kids to older people, healthy or unhealthy, everyone needs yoga. Originated in India and expanded throughout the world via yog gurus like Baba Ramdev, should yoga be made a subject to be taught globally?

India is the origin place of yoga. Students from around the world come here to study various undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate courses in yoga. Several colleges and universities provide these courses. Having great demand in the west, many colleges abroad have also started yoga courses. So if you are interested in making a career in yoga and also want to explore the world, there is a great opportunity for you. Complete your bachelor’s degree in yoga here and complete a master’s degree in the country you want to work in. You can contact the transcript service provider and ask to fetch your transcript certificate from your respective university such as Mumbai University Transcript, GTU transcript, DU transcript, etc. once you have completed your yoga degrees you will be able to work in various organizations as a yoga instructor, especially in schools where kids are being taught yoga since a young age.

Schools in every country have physical education in their academic curriculum. School students have dedicated periods where they are taught physical exercises and concepts of physical education. After the increasing popularity of yoga, many schools have started teaching yoga to their students. Sadly, the number of schools teaching yoga to their students is quite low as of now but it is rapidly growing. It is needless to mention various physical and mental benefits students get through these yoga lessons. One of the important things yoga requires is control of breathing. And therefore, unlike physical exercises that make students tired and aggressive, yoga makes students calm and focused. And it has been proven that the daily practice of yoga by school students have made them more focused on studies and their concentration has been improved.

So can we conclude that every school should start teaching yoga asana and lessons to their students? Of course, yes. And there shouldn’t be any debate on this. It will not only help students to concentrate but also make them responsible citizens when they grow up. In addition to that, yoga combined with daily meditation sessions can do wonders for students. The world has started recognizing this. Yoga should be a mandatory subject globally and it is becoming one. If your kids are not taught yoga in school, don’t get disappointed, teach yourself. Repeating, this yoga segment has got a great scope as a career. While it can be competitive in India, you can definitely try for a yoga career abroad. Worldwide transcripts is a premium transcript service provider helping students fetch their GTU transcript, DU transcript, medium of instruction certificate, certificate attestations, etc. And we can help you get the required documents to pursue your master’s degree in yoga. What else to think then? As a yoga instructor, you not only grow professionally but also make this world a healthy and happy place. So do your bit.