Small Business Ideas To Start This Year

Small Business Ideas To Start This Year

It is always a great time to start a business on any day of the year. Connecting to dealers like wholesale beauty supply distributors or aftermarket vehicle part sellers are good places to begin. Before you go ahead and embark on your new journey as a business owner, you may want to look at this list of ideas first and pick which ones you like the most.

Small Business Ideas Which You Can Consider

Reseller of Beauty Products

One way to jumpstart your new journey as an entrepreneur is to be a reseller of beauty products. You can contact wholesale beauty supply distributors and look for face, skin, or body care products that you can resell in your area. This type of business requires only a small capital and you do not even have to open a big store or warehouse to keep the products that you want to sell. You can also double your opportunity to get a sale by opening an online store to reach a wider audience.

Consulting Firm

If you have a license in a specific area of business or you are technically knowledgeable in different sectors of society like marketing, human resources, management, leadership, or social media, then you may want to start a consulting business. With this business, you do not need a large capital. You only need to bring your expertise to the table and present your price point for the product output.

Teaching Online

You have a lot of options to start teaching online. You also do not need to have advanced knowledge of particular courses to be able to teach. There are many facets to teaching. You can teach language, engineering courses, management courses, and other school topics. Have a survey of the kind of teachers that students are looking for to have a better understanding of the teaching market. You just have to set your rate based on your knowledge and expertise. At the start, you may want to give yourself a smaller rate per hour just to build your job portfolio. Once you get enough experience, you can slowly increase your salary requirements.


Because of the number of small businesses arising online, you can go with the flow and offer your bookkeeping knowledge to business owners. Balancing the debit and credit of any business can be tiresome for entrepreneurs who want to focus on the core of the business. Your helping hand will ease the burden of the financial aspect of their business and will greatly usher them to a new level of sharpness in operation.

App Development

Do you have the skills of developing apps for mobile devices? Do you love playing games or using online apps? If your answer is yes to both questions, then you can choose to dive deeper into the app development niche of the market. The opportunities for this business will only go up from year to year because of the necessity of the use of mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets at home, in the office, and also anywhere consumers want to go.


Being an employee all your life is not bad at all. You can earn a decent income working for a company. But you can have an additional income for yourself and your family in order to have a buffer earning. If you want to go full-time in managing a business, you are also opening yourself up to a big opportunity to better yourself. Business ideas like coordinating with wholesale beauty supply distributors or direct factory companies to resale their products are great ways to start being entrepreneurs. So what are you waiting for? Start you business!


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