Speech Writing and Letter Writing – Tips and Techniques

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In any language, among the four skills, the writing skill and speaking skill seem to be the most important ones. This is because these are the two skills that allow one to showcase their hand over the language. These are also the skills by which one’s language proficiency can be assessed. So, it is very crucial that, as language learners, you work hard to improve your writing and speaking skills.

There are multiple ways in which you can improve your language skills. First, let us see how speaking skill can be improved. It is often very difficult for people, especially new users of the language, to voice out what is on their minds for fear of making mistakes. For all those who think that speaking in public will only let others make fun of you for the mistakes you would make, keep this in your mind. Unless you make mistakes, you cannot learn what is right. So do not be held down by the thought of you making mistakes.

To practise your speaking skills, you can try writing a speech and then speaking it in front of the mirror initially. Later, you can speak in front of the people you are comfortable with and then in front of an unknown, larger audience. If you are wondering what you should first write about, just go through some speech topics and understand how each topic is presented, and the different angles from which a topic can be looked at. This can definitely guide you through the process. Another easy way to practise speaking is to have conversations with someone who speaks the language and can help you out when you make mistakes.

When you are practising speaking skills, also try to practise the writing skill simultaneously. It will happen when you write speeches. You can also do it by writing essays, short paragraphs, a journal or an anecdote. You can also try to cultivate professional writing skills as you will have to write a leave letter or even a report for official reasons. Writing for fun and writing for official purposes can be completely different. The language, as well as the style of writing, also changes according to the reason behind your writing. At first, try jotting down whatever comes to your mind when you think of someone or something initially. Later, try putting it into proper paragraphs with cohesion. Also, try writing an autobiography or a biography of someone you know really well.

Listening and reading are also skills that you should master. The only reason that the writing and speaking skills are given a lot of importance is that these are the skills which show how good a language user is in communicating their thought and ideas to their target audience. So, give some extra attention to these two skills; practise each and every day; never give up on yourself; and in addition to all these, help someone who is not sure how to start learning a language or improving their language skills.


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