Sport property as an advertising platform.


 Promoted products may have nothing to do with the sport in question. This is very common.


Event organizers use those funds to cut organization costs. If we think about the Spanish soccer championship we see that it is called “Santander League” because it is promoted by Banco Santander.

Athletes or clubs:

They allow companies to sponsor their assets and use that money to finance sports practice. For example, let’s talk about Real Madrid. The main mission is to sell 100% of the tickets of all the matches that are played in their stadium. However, Audi is the main sponsor of Real Madrid and makes Real Madrid players drive an Audi brand car. This creates a benefit for both parties, as Audi wins by creating an image where Real Madrid’s star players drive a 해외스포츠중계 car of this brand and creates a position in the minds of Real Madrid fans where quite possibly the brand of the four hoops is first in the Real Madrid fan when it comes to buying a car.

What are sports brands and entities currently looking for?

Achieve brand awareness. Provide good service and customer care. And of course sell , but there is a concept that has become a priority in the sport; which is to generate unrepeatable and unforgettable experiences for the fans. After this there will be more interactivity and connection with the product or service that is being promoted.

When we talk about sports marketing, we must consider two clearly differentiated aspects:

The promotion of sports events and associations

Dissemination of products and brands through such events and associations.

For this we must be clear about what and how to use the communication channels, below we detail some of the most used and effective

Social networks:

When we talk about a sports marketing event, we must bear in mind that the good use of social networks exponentially increases the chances of success in the events that we want to organize, these can be

Face book: the network of networks allows information to be expanded through the creation of events or videos in real time, which give greater visibility to any type of event.

Instagram: one of its great assets to spread a sporting event is the commitment to digital marketing. In addition to daily updating the profile of the event with news that will interest future attendees, the “Stories” are another important tool for keeping the public’s attention.

Twitter: the 280-character network is capable of viralizing a large amount of content. The direct ones through “Periscope” constitute another window to spread the event.

LinkedIn: is another excellent dissemination option for a large number of professionals in the sector to share or recommend the event among their many contacts.