Sports and SVOD seem like a perfect match


Our society loves two things more than others: sports and radio, television or the Internet. So when the combination of both in the form of a VOD (SVOD) subscription is done in the right way, a heavenly match can arise. If you run a sports club, you know that every cent counts. It’s a competitive world, but SVOD can help you find new fans, create new revenue streams, and get a real return on investment.

Ever heard of SVOD?

SVOD is an abbreviation for Subscription Request Image. This means that consumers can see what they want when they want. With the development of smartphones and tablets, they can see them everywhere, even on the go. It’s a great solution for today’s fast-paced world, and instead of the added convenience of this on-demand video, they pay for a subscription, which can be a regular or recurring monthly subscription. This is an industry where SVOD services are growing rapidly and steadily, growing more than 53% in the last year.

Why is SVOD so useful for sports broadcasts?

SVOD has been successfully used in many fields, from new movies to special online TV shows, and now it only broadcasts more than 500 shows online. It is ideal for sports broadcasting due to the following benefits for end users:

• Ability to watch every match of your favorite team;

• The first specialized sports broadcast or minority nba중계 broadcast;

Communicate with your team through online training sessions or backstage photos.

These are just some of the ways SVOD can add real value to the sports consumer and also bring significant benefits to the sports club.

How is SVOD technology used?

Wherever you are, there are many sports clubs. Whether you’re playing soccer, baseball, basketball, soccer or any new sport, you understand the importance of keeping your fans happy. With the new SVOD technology you can surprise your fans and you and your team will benefit from hard work. Your fans are busy and sometimes lead unpredictable lives that prevent them from making it to all matches. † By providing important moments or details about your online games, you can keep your friends informed about all the events you miss. Just as sports fans expect and are willing to pay to watch a game in a sports arena, they will be willing to pay to watch your online activity.

Get the most out of SVOD

You don’t have to wear professional clothes or play in big leagues to attract online viewers. If we repeat the word “Dream Square”, blow it up, the audience comes. To make SVOD offers unique, you need to add value to your subscriber. To do this, make sure that your content is optimized for use on mobile platforms and that the delivery quality is as high as possible. VOD recordings can be a lot cheaper than you think when shooting a movie or sporting event, but it’s important to train as much as possible. Update your content regularly and include added videos and matches. Watch SVOD streams professionally and your sports club can move up the league in many ways.