Study Explores Why Gyms Can Be COVID Hotspots

Study Explores Why Gyms Can Be COVID Hotspots
Study Explores Why Gyms Can Be COVID Hotspots

May 25, 2022 — A small study in Germany has taken a step towards quantifying the risk of COVID infection in gyms and health clubs.

Scientists have said that since the beginning of the pandemic, COVIDs usually spread into the air through aerosol particles emitted by infected people, and more particles are released when breathing becomes difficult (eg during exercise). I know that. But more?

According to a study published in the minutes of the National Academy of Sciences, people with strenuous exercise emit 132 times more particles in the air per minute than people at rest.

In this study, 16 exercise bike participants took in clean air from a silicone face mask and exhaled it into a plastic bag to eliminate the source of pollution. The author of the study told Time. Aerosol particle formation was measured at rest and during exercise.

The study found that participants exhaled approximately 580 particles per minute at rest and 76,200 particles per minute during strenuous exercise. People with a high level of fitness and experience in endurance training exhaled 85% more aerosol than those without endurance training.

“This information should be used to develop additional mitigation measures for indoor group movements,” the study authors said.

They recommended increasing ventilation in the gym, maintaining a safe distance between exercisers, and limiting the amount of time spent in the gym.

In addition, we recommend a 15-minute air break between sessions, a pre-training participant’s infection test, a protective screen between trainees, an air filter, and a mask during training.

“These data not only explain the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 during indoor group activities, but also physical education at school, dance events during weddings, or classes. In high-intensity gyms such as spinning.” The study states.

Researchers have stated that their research has some limitations. The actual spread of COVID aerosol particles was not quantified because only 16 people participated and no one was infected with COVID.


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