Surprising Facts Why People Choose Chin Implant Surgery To Correct Chin


Chin is a part of your facial characteristics. All people do not have a single type of chin. There are variations. And it is also responsible for making certain differences in how a person may look. Chin is a part of the skull that is slightly elongated in the front. To be specific it is the part of the mandible region of the skull.

Based on the development of the mandible region, the chin is also differentiated. Usually, the chin is formed during the prenatal period. But becomes prominent and takes shape only during the postnatal period. This has been proven through the developmental research perspective.

The most common thing people do while referring to the chin is that they consider the whole as a jaw. But certainly, it is not true. The jaw is the region that lies at the side and behind the chin area. It is easier to understand. Your chin is a small area under your lip that makes a ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape. Whereas your jaw is the area under your left earlobe extending to the area under your right earlobe.

Not all people have the perfect chin. Certain deformities occur that change the look of the chin. There are two more observed deformities related to the chin formation. Let’s discuss them.

Also further in this article, we will read about the implante de mentón that is used by surgeons to correct the chin lining, shape, etc to make it look more natural.

Deformities of the chin and how they are caused.

The two deformities of improper development of the chin are known as cleft chin and double chin. Let’s dig deeper into both of these topics.

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Cleft Chin

A cleft chin refers to the underdevelopment or improper formation of the lower jaw. The formation looks asymmetric. Because the jaw looks bigger on one side and small on the other side. This cleft in the chin is formed due to the incomplete or inconsistent fusion of the left and right lower jaw. And as the chin is protruding from the lower jaw, its improper formation results in the chin is not formed properly.  It looks more like the chin is not formed in that person.

This results during fetal development or embryonic development. But this is not only the case. In other human beings, it can also occur with time. And in such cases, you can see the differences in the right and left sides of the face as there is an asymmetry between the two. Next is the double chin formation. Let’s discuss that.

Double Chin

You might wonder what could be a double chin. Is it that the person is born with two chins? How this is formed? , etc. Well, all your questions will be answered in this section. When there is a lack of jawbone under the chin, it could happen. In the overweight or obese people, you could see under their chin, that their neck looks completely incorporated into the face. This is because the fat tissues hang down and create a structure that looks like another chin.

And as discussed above, in normal people if there is a lack of jawbone, then, the chon will not be seen in a definite manner. Hence you cannot distinguish between the chin and jaw. Hence, you will see that it looks like you have a chin and a large chin underneath.

But when you use a chin implant you can correct the posture of the chin. And then you will be able to distinguish between the chin and jawbone. And the implants can be used in both types of deformities.