“That young people pay to watch sports on television is a great challenge”


Thus, Red Bull has been able to create one of the strongest brands that exist, and, to a large extent, it is thanks to sponsorship. The energy drink brand is a sponsor of Formula 1 athletes, skateboarding, extreme skiing, climbing… and many other extreme sports. And, on this list, a high jump competition could not be missing, such as the Cliff Diving Red Bull.

The sports sponsorship trend in naming goes further, and currently there are already many leagues and competitions that include a commercial brand in their name:

But we are no longer just talking about competitions, but naming can also be implemented in the stadiums themselves:

Wanda Metropolitan (Atletico Madrid, Soccer, Spain)

Allianz Park (Saracens, Rugby, Inglaterra)

Enterprise Center (St. Louis Blues, Ice Hockey, USA)

Of course, if you want to carry out a naming sponsorship strategy, you have to take into account that a large budget is usually needed for it.

Hashtags strong

Like the slogan “battle braids” (battle braids), which has made triathlete Lucy Charles go viral. When an athlete creates a trend of opinion or movements like this, the potential to go viral is impressive.

In this case, Lucy Charles always competes with braids, and she started calling them battle braids. Little by little, this concept was used more and more, until it has become completely viral.

Many of her fans have also started doing sports with braids,

 and upload photos and stories with this hashtag mentioning the athlete. In fact, the triathlete usually reposts her stories and, in some cases like this, even comments on the photos giving support. Thus, Lucy Charles has managed to motivate girls, boys and women from all over the world to practice 해외축구중계 and even to dare with the triathlon. Space jam

Space Jam is a movie released in 1996, starring Michael Jordan and the famous cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny. Jordan announced his first retirement from basketball at the end of 1993, but at the beginning of 1994 the sports world was surprised to learn of his signing by the Chicago White Sox of baseball. This fact is shown as anecdotal in the film, which is about how Jordan helps Bunny’s team win in a basketball game in which the planet is at stake.

Plot aside, Space Jam has become the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time, grossing over $80 million in the United States and $230 million worldwide. Sports street marketing

Street marketing or guerrilla marketing fits perfectly with the world of sports. The impact of this type of unconventional campaign is really memorable thanks to its high creativity and the surprise factor.

In addition, other advantages of street marketing are that it increases the visibility of the company very quickly, encouraging creativity with its ingenuity and reaching a much wider audience. With a sports street marketing action, users are connected much more closely and sympathy for the brand is generated.