The Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2021

Expense Tracker Apps

Growing up, most of us have seen our parents maintaining an everyday expense notebook to keep a record of all household expenses. By the end of each month, they do a ‘manual’ reconciliation to track their financial gains or losses. Although it may seem a bit boring or tedious to us at times, we cannot disagree that it helps greatly to manage our finances.

However, the times have changed… And so have the ways we perform everyday tasks. Today, it has become almost impossible to take time out every day from our busy schedules and record expenses manually. We certainly need better solutions for money management that are not only quick but also accurate and efficient.

One of the most effective ways to track your finances is to simply put them in order. By noting down what you spent your money on, you can clearly see where all your bucks went and also determine if you need to cut back on unnecessary expenses. In this article, I am going to share the best expense tracker apps for your Android phone that can take care of your budget management and keep a track of your finances.

These apps are going to categorize your expenses and show you a bigger picture of your overall purchasing behavior. Whether you are looking for a simple expense tracker app that can feasibly capture all your transactional details or one that gives you a complete overview of your earnings and expenses, there’s an app out there for you.


When it comes to no-hassle expense tracking and budgeting, there might be only a few other apps with more downloads than Andromoney. This app has always remained the topmost priority of Android users due to its tremendously simplistic UI, vast expense categories, and prompt functioning. Andromoney allows you to create your own expense sub-heads and to categorize your finances as per your need. Its crisp analysis of your earnings and expenses is portrayed in the form of various pie charts and bar graphs.

You can also track numerous financial accounts using the app, as it can easily export your data to Excel and sync it with Andromoney servers. Moreover, it helps to keep your data safe by providing it with a proper backup in case of a sudden device crash. The best part is that you can always remove the ads if you choose the premium option!

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Ivy Wallet

Ivy Wallet is just like that new ‘rock star’ kid in town getting enthusiastically rave reviews from its users. Its beautifully designed features make it stand out from others in the industry. Undoubtedly, the developers have done an absolutely tremendous job in designing the app.

Besides its catchy features and logo, the app supports the operations of multiple accounts at the same time, so that you can easily track your expenses made from different cards. It has an exclusive feature of supporting various currencies which includes cryptocurrency as well. How cool is that?

Ivy Wallet allows you to plan all sorts of payments in advance. This way, you can always take control of your expenses and categorize them accordingly for better budgeting and reporting.  Just like Andromoney, Ivy Wallet can also sync and back up all your expense details as well as export them to Google or Excel.

Money Manager

Money Manager is one of those top finance tracker apps that receive regular updates from its developers. According to its users, Money Manager is an incredibly appealing budget tracker app on Google Play when it comes to graphics and visual representation.

It allows a double-entry bookkeeping financing system to keep a track of your cash flow in multiple accounts. The app works by displaying the statistics in the form of colorful graphs, pie charts, and bars. The best part is its ‘passcode lock’ which helps to keep your data confidential at all times. You can also export your app data to Excel sheets or import it back as per your requirement. Although it is not an ad-supported app, it allows you to opt for an optional upgrade to enjoy customized features.

Expense Manager

This app is popular among its users for having a simple UI. Although it does not portray any fancy graphics, still it is packed with all the essential features you would expect in a good expense app.

Just like most apps, Expense Manager also supports multiple categories and accounts for a better user experience. It provides you with a handy bill organizer to schedule all your payments along with notifications and alerts. Its analytical financial reports are minimal but always to the point, providing you with various charts for expense categories, payment methods, payee/payer details, etc.

Moreover, it syncs all your app data to Dropbox or Google Drive; you can also save it on your cellphone SD card. Unlike most apps, Expense Manager comes with some exclusive features like a loan calculator, currency converter, and interest calculator.

It is an ad-supported app, but 100% free without any available paid version.


Mint is an immensely feature-rich expense tracker app. We all know it is a product of Intuit which absolutely knows what it’s doing – and it shows from its features! Mint is an exclusive blend of sophistication and simplicity which makes it much more than just your regular finance tracking app. It is a full-fledged platform that allows you to monitor your expenses at all times. Mint boasts an incredible expense tracker, cash flow and account management, and to-the-point analytics.

Besides this, it has the most unique feature of tracking your credit report and credit score which can help you in getting home loans via associated financial lenders.

The Bottom-line

There are countless advantages to tracking your finances. From eliminating overspending habits to lowering your financial stress and spotting any sort of fraudulent activities, the above-mentioned expense tracker apps are there to take control of your budget management. Download the best expense app today and take your first step towards a financially content life.

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