The best surf changing mats for your wetsuit

The best surf changing mats for your wetsuit
The best surf changing mats for your wetsuit

Surf changing mats are one of the most valuable accessories a surfer can get, and they can increase the lifetime of your wetsuit.

It’s a durable, portable, waterproof item that improves pre and post-surfing experiences and makes them more enjoyable.

Whether surfing summer or winter waves in high or low latitudes, the wetsuit changing mat makes it more comfortable to get in and out of your neoprene.

However, most surfers never quite seem to have this simple piece of equipment that makes all the difference close by.

How often have we regretted not having the surf changing mat while putting our wetsuits on and taking them off? A few times, for sure.

Why Do Surfers Need Surf Changing Mats?

So, what are the advantages of having a wetsuit changing mat in your car trunk or inside the surfing backpack?

The first thing that comes to mind is the comfort of having a clean, smooth surface you can stand while putting on a wetsuit.

Why should your feet be on sand, gravel, dirty tarmac, asphalt, and debris if they can comfortably stand on a cushioned layer of fiber?

Surf changing mats protect your feet from rough, cold, and hot ground while performing the most unpleasant part of surfing – putting on and taking off a wetsuit.

You don’t need to touch the ground anymore as you try to free the legs from the sticky wet neoprene.

These useful and weightless items act as a barrier against your feet and the wetsuit’s worst enemies. Plus, they’re inexpensive.

Types of Change Mats

Changing after a surf session requires patience, and surfers often want to do it fast, as they’re exhausted and just want to drive home.

These small and often rounded layers of plastic and fiber allow you to change quickly while keeping your feet clean.

Furthermore, they ensure the wetsuit’s sensitive neoprene doesn’t get in contact with the abrasive ground or dirty floor surfaces.

Actually, the getting-out-of-the-wetsuit phase is the moment when your neoprene is under the most stress.

Also, while using the left and right foot to speed up the process, the wetsuit panels tend to rub the ground more intensely, thus, becoming more exposed to wear and tear.

There are several types of surf changing mats – standard bag-type models, grass turf pads, and plastic tubs – and most of them also convert into bags.

Immediately after getting out of your wetsuit, they become wet dry bags that can be carried easily or transported inside your car.

Because they’re waterproof, you can take them home and rinse or wash your wetsuit with fresh water wherever you want.

How to Use a Wetsuit Changing Mat

Changing mats can be easily stored in a small corner of your car trunk. Here’s how to change in and out of your wetsuit using this useful surf accessory:

  1. Grab your surf changing mat and shake out any sand or dirt;
  2. Spread it on the ground;
  3. Stand on the mat;
  4. Start changing in and out of your wetsuit;
  5. Lift the drawstrings to cinch the wet dry bag shut;
  6. Put it in the car trunk and drive away;

Following these simple steps will ensure your wetsuit doesn’t break down, and your car does not get smelly and wet while heading home.

You can even throw a surf poncho, beach towel, neoprene boots, gloves, and hoods into the dry bag.

Discover the best wetsuit changing mats for surfing in the world.

Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Changing Mat

Ho Stevie! designed the world’s best-selling surf changing mat.

It is made from highly resistant, waterproof nylon and makes changing in and out of your wetsuit in a parking lot much easier and cleaner.

The changing mat minimizes the amount of dirt and sand that gets stuck to the neoprene, legs, and feet, allowing you to carry your gear home and straight to the shower.

When laid out flat on the ground, it measures 29 inches in diameter.

COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat

Cor Surf developed a compact and portable wetsuit changing mat and bag that quickly cinches up and stays closed all the time.

It is built to last and made from PVC-coated polyester, and it can be washed down and measures 38 inches in diameter.

The mat folds up small for easy traveling and keeps your gear clean and easy to pack up. While standing on it, you do not feel the rocks and pebbles that always hurt your feet.


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