The event must be reported


The form should contain the following information: organizer’s last name, date and time, location of the event, names of those in charge (air traffic controllers), type of activity, eg air dew, in-flight performance (parachute, glider, skill flight) and event description.

It must be accompanied by several documents:

Statement by the mayor;

Owner’s permission to hold the event;

 Property floor plan;

 Flight insurance certificate;

 Liability insurance for 스포츠중계  event days in the name of the organizer;

 Certificate of airworthiness and aircraft registration certificate;

Pilot’s license;

 Security file attachment;

  a copy of the Special Operations Manual (MAP) deposit or authorization certificate.

  When at least 2000 people are present at the same time

Contact the mayor and fill out the information sheet together. The mayor is obliged to send them to the units responsible for civil security (county or subdivision) at least two weeks before the event.

You should send it to the following services:

Police or Gendarmerie, SAMU and Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) you must also send a copy of the permit application and file to the Regional Civil Aviation Representative, the Mayor of each participating municipality and the Regional Director. Border Police (DZPAF)

The provisions for Nature 2000 sites apply to sporting events.

You are preparing for a shipping event at sea

It is an activity carried out in or affecting seawater. It can be a fishing competition, a maritime festival and a sailboat competition, windsurfing, swimming, kiteboarding and kayaking.

You are responsible for the preparation, conduct, follow-up and safety of a sporting event.

 You have the right navigation and communication tools;

 Follow the technical rules defined by the competent association;

 Ensure respect for the environment;

Arrange the functional structure for the duration of the event. This structure will become a permanent correspondent for the geographically competent Regional Operational Command and Rescue Center (CROSS).

Provide participants with all information related to their safety and weather.

The event must be reported

The notification shall be sent at least 15 days before the scheduled date: in the French metropolitan area, to the Director of the Department of Regional and Maritime Affairs or to the geographically competent representative of the sea and coast; To a foreign maritime director or regional, food and maritime director.

The deadline for transactions is at least two months:

Why is a permit, exemption from regulations or special police measures required?

Likely to affect or require an assessment of the effects of Natural 2000;

In both cases, the notification must be accompanied by a Matura 2000 impact study.