The reason for the exciting story of the game is still growing and popular


Featuring ESPN seven days a week, sports blogs you cannot list and emails spread to your inbox, many of you may find exciting sports news like:

* Mackenzie Brown, a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey who is a professional soccer player on the ground. Mackenzie, one of only two women on the team, eliminated all the men in the opposition.  Team manager for autism school, won 20 points in the last 4 minutes of high school basketball. McEwan, 5’6 “, six passes and three assists caused his teammates to lift him to the ground after a loud bang after the game. His book, The Game of My Life, and the film.

* Sarah Tucholsky, who made her first home in softball, injured her knee after finishing the first set. He was so badly injured that he could not go home. The judge blows the whistle but his colleagues do not support him. The length seems to interest him. It takes two opposing players, Mallory Holman and Liz Wallace, to take matters into their own hands (literally). They took Sarah to the train station so that she could touch them all and record her public return.

Why is this sports story so popular?

One reason is the growing media attention. This model now gets more coverage than ever before. ESPN has become the most successful network in the United States with daily insurance coverage, spending $ 4.3 billion annually on customer revenue alone. To update on the blog, ESPN recently turned to the afternoon entertainment venue to bring viewers a quick message. There is always an interesting story in the 해외축구중계 world. We can hear more about it now as the story becomes increasingly popular.

Another reason for its popularity is that people love to win.

 Our heroes must overcome great obstacles. Aside from autism, Jason does not play football in college. Rudy, notable for Notre Dame Football, is short. Do you remember Hoosier? It is a small town in Indiana that faces a large group – against the decor. Hollywood men are fascinated by this series portrayed as honey.

People want to do well,

His great achievements are often credited with these fascinating stories. Maybe it’s a title fight, an Olympic competition or a state competition. Yes, we love the poor, but we want to work for the poor. Sea Biscuit will not accept a contract with the film if it wins Man-o-War. Not only the winner wrote the story but also the winner.

Perhaps most importantly, this exciting sports story continues to be popular as it reminds us of some of the reasons why we love the game. They make us happy.