The routes towards a general election taking place in the UK

The routes towards a general election taking place in the UK
The routes towards a general election taking place in the UK

Complications have arisen since the repeal of the Parliamentary Term Act earlier this year, such as requiring a large majority of MPs or requiring a particularly detailed vote of confidence if they want to hold elections before their five-year term expires. The constitution no longer applies. .

Constitutionally, the path to elections is simple. The easiest way is to formally ask Liz Truss about this king thing.

Alternatively, if the government loses a formal confidence vote or confidence vote, such as a major budget measure or the King’s speech, Parliament will be dissolved.

An election could give the new Conservative leader a mandate, but the situation is further complicated by the fact that current polls suggest that the majority of the Conservative parliamentary party will be eliminated.

There are many political paths to elections. Here are some:

Truss ousted, new PM calls for elections
One of the main arguments made by Conservative MPs in favor of keeping Trouss in 10th place is the idea that voters will not be offended by the fact that the ruling party changes leadership twice in an election cycle. Nothing constitutionally prevents it, but with each dismissal and each change in policy, Boris Johnson’s mandate for 2019 is weakened.

If Truss is ousted, her replacement could face so much political pressure that they feel compelled to hold an election. You might enjoy a little bounce and decide to take a chance.
Lost another kind of confidence move
It’s a bit darker in the sense that the era of post-trial legislatures brings us back to the world of the Constituent Assembly.

However, these methods are so powerful that, for example, if a farm loses a key vote on the rest of the mini-budget provision, it will be very difficult to avoid an election.

Truss surrenders and calls for elections
Given the current polls, this is what is traditionally referred to in British politics as a “bold” initiative, but if you are the prime minister, you have the right to appeal to the sovereign and demand the dissolution of parliament.

An important caveat to this is the fact that King Charles may refuse if it becomes clear that the majority of Conservative MPs do not support him, or if he has a successor in mind.

Under the so-called Russell Principles, named after King George VI’s private secretary during the constitutional crisis of 1950, the monarch can decide whether the existing parliament is still considered viable, or whether another chancellor can reasonably be found, or whether he may choose for not dissolving. . Where elections can wreak havoc on the economy.

Reached in January 2025
This is constitutionally the safest route. Farm out of time. Even if he lasts a little over two years in 10th place, he cannot avoid the election.

The last elections were held on December 12, 2019, but the Parliament’s five-year term starts from the day the deputies take office: December 17. This is the last day parliament will be dissolved and elections will be held in 25 working days.

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