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The top four windows do the laundry


The windows may be dirty, but you don’t need to use soap and water to make them shine. Window cleaners reduce your working environment and make the air inside you breathe. Good results are obtained by using non-toxic natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice to clean windows. Keep reading to find the four best cleaners you can use for scrubbing and brushing windows.

Vinegar and water

The low acidity makes vinegar one of the best ingredients to use in any environment. It can remove the film on the surface of the glass, making the window shiny and free of smudges and streaks. Use the same amount of vinegar and hot water to make the juice. Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and knead to mix. Throw the medicine on the Vinduespudser sill and wipe with a soft cloth. The windows are very dirty, washed with soap and water. For stains that are difficult to remove, unpainted vinegar is applied directly to the ground. Finally, clean the window with a dry cloth.

Borax and water

Another hand sanitizer you can use for window washing is a mixture of borax water. Mix two tablespoons of borax and two or three cups of water. Apply the product on the window and allow to dry. Rinse the cups with vinegar and water to strengthen the window panes and prevent cracks.

Corn flour and water

Corn is another ingredient you can use to clean windows. Fill a jar with hot water and add three to four teaspoons of cornstarch. Mix the ingredients and add half a cup of vinegar to the solution. Wrap it with a clean cloth on the windows of your house and let it dry.

No liquid soap

You can wipe the window with a dry cloth to get a bright color. You can shade them with white linen or newspaper. Keep in mind that although newspapers work well when shading areas such as windows, the ink can affect people with allergies if it is applied to their skin. To remove dust, wipe the window with a damp cloth.

When in doubt, feel free to hire a professional to do it for you. For the services of a professional window cleaner, consider checking the yellow pages or a local survey. Make sure you choose a company with more than five years of experience in window maintenance and experienced staff, security and managers.