The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Groceries Online


Many things have changed in the last year and one that has changed for the better is online grocery shopping. Gone are the days of non-existent hours or orders filled with all sorts of weird substitutions.

Today, online grocery shopping is much more accurate and efficient; with this, its popularity has skyrocketed. Since 2019, online grocery sales have increased nearly fourfold and are estimated to account for 22% of all grocery sales by 2025.

However, as convenient as it is, ordering online is not foolproof and can be expensive. For maximum efficiency and minimum stress, try the following.

5 Tips for Successful Online Grocery Shopping

Download the app

Nutritionists swear by planning a shopping list to keep a kitchen organized and well-stocked; the best part of shopping for groceries online is that you can do without pen and paper to fast-forward to your purchase.

Simply download the app from your favorite store; then load items directly into your online cart as you plan your meals or notice an ingredient is missing.

Manage a substitution strategy

Nothing is more frustrating than eating garlic when you ordered ginger, not to mention the food waste!

“Each online outlet handles substitutions a little differently and there may be more than one alternative,” says Yummiest Food, nutrition and culinary communications consultant. “Some stores recommend preselecting substitutions, while others allow you to leave notes for each product.”

Take advantage of these features to avoid adding unwanted ingredients or products to your order.

Keep your phone close

Don’t be surprised if you get a call or text from your buyer. “If you hear from your buyer, respond quickly so you know you’re ready to answer any questions that arise,” says Yummiest Food. “The faster you answer, the faster you’ll get your food right!”

Think about food safety

Ideally, your groceries would be carefully selected and packed, then quickly stored and delivered to keep them fresh; sometimes that is not the case.

Do a quick check that everything is in order when you unpack your groceries, suggests Rahaf Al Bochi , a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Make sure your produce isn’t bruised, cut, or moldy; inspect food packages to make sure there are no tears or holes and that the cans are not dented or rusted,” he explains.

If you experience these or other issues, please contact Customer Service for a proper solution.

Think beyond the supermarket

Many big box stores and warehouse clubs offer same or next day delivery. They are often not only less expensive than supermarkets, but also offer many other essentials; this means you can make fewer purchases.

Finally, treat online shoppers kindly and with respect. “Leave them a good rating, a generous tip, and a big thank you,” Yummiest Food concludes.