11 Fun Things to Do in Rajasthan For Unforgettable Vacation

Things to do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an actual state of royalty by any means. Its rich cuisine, gorgeous locales, and historic sites are lovely tourist attractions. Not only for its majestic splendor and beauty, but Rajasthan is also famous for its exciting activities. Whether you’re an avid traveler, adventurer, or an avid historian, Rajasthan has something in the pipeline for all. 

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Rajasthan is a state which provides plenty of things to do for its visitors, such as dune bashing, camel safaris, and much more. Check out the top things you can do in Rajasthan to experience a warm and uplifting experience during your stay. 

Exciting Things To Do In Rajasthan

Zip Lining

Zip Lining in Rajasthan

The most popular things to do in Rajasthan include Zip Lining or Flying Fox, as it is commonly referred to. You can zip between a cliff or structure to the next, and then as you go, you can enjoy breathtaking perspectives of forts. Ziplining in Rajasthan is possible within Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort. Both have stunning panoramas, Neemrana is an ideal escape near Delhi, and Mehrangarh is close to Udaipur.


safari in rajasthan

Rajasthan is home to India’s top nature and bird sanctuary areas. Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary happen to be among the most famous ones. Boars, elephants, tigers, and bears, as well as a wide variety of birds and other wild animals, are waiting to welcome you to these animal refuges.


Trekking in Rajasthan

Due to the summer and sweltering heat, trekking can be challenging and exhausting. It could be a fantastic adventure if you go in the right season and during a mildly fantastic day. The lush vegetation in Alwar and Mount Abu’s historical denseness are among the top trekking destinations for those who are into adventure. The treks are simple to complex, and their awe-inspiring beauty and salubrious climate draw adventurers and nature enthusiasts. You can spot colorful birds and meet the local villagers. You can add this to your list of Rajasthan activities.

Hot-air Ballooning

Hot-air Ballooning in Rajasthan

Hot-air ballooning is an absolute attraction for tourists and travelers. While soaring through the sky, you can see the past as well as vast, sprawling greeneries. The experience is impressive and offers a peek into the regal landscape. There are three cities within Rajasthan where you can go for the thrill of hot air ballooning. Pushkar, Jaipur, and Ranthambore. Pick your favorite landscape and begin to take off in the air. You would know it well now if you thought about what to do in Rajasthan. 

Desert Camping 

Desert Camping in rajasthan

An excellent glamping spot is known because of its desert camp. The bright sky, the vibrant folk dances, colorful puppet shows, authentic food, and cozy bed linens are the reasons that make camping in Rajasthan so popular. The unforgettable adventure in the desert is one of the most enjoyable activities in Rajasthan in winter.

Camel Breeding Farm In Bikaner

The most unique but exciting thing to explore in Rajasthan is interacting with camels. You can visit this Camel Breeding Farm at Bikaner and have a go-to play with and pat the camels. Particularly if you’re traveling with children, an excursion to Bikaner could be the top of your Rajasthan holiday. And this can be among the best things to do in Rajasthan. 

Chokhi Dhani

One of Rajasthan’s top destinations, Chokhi Dhani, is a must-see destination that doesn’t require any introduction. Chokhi Dhani has catered to hungry food lovers and avid travelers for a long time and is a place that has become that is synonymous with royal hospitality.

Chokhi Dhani serves authentic Rajasthani food with a dash of warmth and hospitality. Even if you don’t enjoy Rajasthani food, You will be awed by the hospitality and décor. The colorful and lively cultural performances, as well as folk dances, will be enthralling. Don’t forget to check out this when you decide on things to do in Rajasthan.

Dune Bashing 

A popular sport in the Thar Desert Dune, exciting tourist activities in Rajasthan, bashing is a trustworthy source of adrenaline. Driving an SUV through the desert’s endless expanse is an exciting experience. You can lease one SUV from local dealers and have fun.

Abhaneri Step Well

Abhaneri Stepwell

Abhaneri Stepwell is a shining light in the heritage-rich Dausa District. One of the most enjoyable things to experience in Rajasthan is visiting this ancient structure and marveling at its architecture and splendor. The site’s initial use was to collect rainwater. The old location is stunning with its incredible quality and enormous dimensions. Are you still confused about what you can accomplish in Rajasthan? Don’t worry. We have other options.

Elephants At Dera Amer

Have you ever experienced the opportunity to spend a day with Elephants? This is the ideal time to share one. You can play at various things that involve elephants, such as bathing them or feeding sugarcanes. Additionally, it is amongst the most exciting activities in Rajasthan. 

You could even paint their trunks with natural paints so that you don’t harm your elephant buddies. Dera Amer is among the most frequented tourist spots close to Jaipur. While visiting Dera Amer, you can indulge in Rajasthan authentic cuisines in the area. If you’ve been able to fill up for the day, take a short walk on a nature trail within the forest nearby.

Vintage Car Rally

Vintage Cars in Rajasthan

This isn’t a need for explanation. Some who were well-off were offered the ‘Vintage Car and only. For everyone else, the display of luxuriousness in Rajasthan can be seen at its finest in these rallies, particularly in Jaipur. The stunning machines dominate the gorgeous streets and are a total pleasure for car enthusiasts to watch the progress. It’s undoubtedly one of the top activities to experience in Rajasthan for those who love machines. It is a regular event in January, and it is an unforgettable experience.

Bottom Line

So amongst the exciting things to do in Rajasthan? Book your trip to Rajasthan and immerse yourself in an exciting vacation experience.