This Tech Company Has The Best Perks And Benefits — And No, It’s Not Google

This Tech Company Has The Best Perks And Benefits -- And No, It's Not Google
This Tech Company Has The Best Perks And Benefits -- And No, It's Not Google

From Google’s 26-acre headquarters equipped with amenities like an onsite swimming pool and rock climbing wall, to Uber’s San Francisco office with 180 glass panes that open and shut throughout the day to utilize fresh air — it’s no secret that working in tech comes with major perks.

However, despite Google’s reputation for next-level employee perks at its Mountain View headquarters, it didn’t even make the Top 10 list of tech companies with the best perks and benefits.

Job-hunting site Comparably recently released a report of the 100 best companies’ perks and benefits based on anonymous employee feedback over the past year.

“Beyond competitive pay, having great perks and benefits continue to play an important role in what makes a workplace attractive,” Jason Nazar, co-founder and chief executive officer of Comparably told USA Today. “From fully-paid healthcare and unlimited time off to fertility and adoption benefits, more companies are expanding their offerings to make a difference in the lives of their employees.”

Between September 2021 and September 2022, employees were asked to rate their companies based on how satisfied they were with benefits and office perks.

Microsoft came in at number one for large tech companies, with one survey responder stating the medical and fitness expenses are “extremely generous.”

As for the office itself, it’s essentially a small town equipped with its own transit system, secret underground tech labs, shopping mall, treehouses, and an onsite lake.

For small- and mid-size tech companies, defined by Comparably as having fewer than 500 employees, Civic Financial Services in Redondo Beach, California was rated at the top for best employee perks and benefits. Employees gave their perks and benefits a score of 93/100, with exceptional attention to health and wellness as well as its unique office space.


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