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How to keep the car clean and how this can be done depends on how the paint is maintained. A paint-treated, polished or waxed car is always easier to get clean than one that has not been treated.

We recommend that you maintain the paint on your car so that you prevent dirt, insects, asphalt and other things from sticking and becoming difficult to get rid of.

If the paint is maintained, it is usually just a matter of foaming and high-pressure rinsing the car to get a good result.

We recommend that every 3-4 times you Bilvaskuse degreasing, sponge the whole car (we recommend microfiber glove), wash rims with rim border and dry the car (we recommend microfiber towel) after washing. This makes the result last longer and the car becomes easier to clean with just foam / rinsing or with a wash in the machine the following 3-4 washes.

How to get a completely clean car in the self-wash

  • Have degreasing on the lower parts of the car
  • Foam the whole car, directly on top of the degreaser. Let this work for 1-3 minutes depending on the temperature and how dirty the car is
  • Flush with high pressure, from the bottom up.
  • Put some foam on the car, sponge over and rinse with high pressure.
  • Drain the car and flush it with high pressure. You will now see that the water cracks and that the paint has a wax layer on it.
  • For the most lasting result, wipe the car. We recommend using a towel for paint, one for interior doors and one for rims.
  • This is to avoid scratches on the paint.
  • Here you can see a short video clip of the steps; degreasing, foaming, rinsing, drainage wax has published a good article about the importance of car washing, see link:

Brushless car

Washing machine Laser washing is our brushless alternative to car washing. This machine degreases, foams, high-pressure washes, washes, grows and dries your car in minutes.

An affordable, fast and efficient way to maintain the car.


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