Tips for Discovering Sensory Play & Fort Building


Play is a critical part of child development. It teaches children how to interact with the world, solve problems, and have fun. It’s also the best way parents can help kids with developmental challenges reach their full potential. In sensory play, kids (and parents!) use their five senses to explore their world. With so much sensory input, kids are forced to make sense of the new information. This helps them learn how to perceive their world and how to talk about it. 

Kids who participate in sensory play and sensory play activities like sensory storytelling and sensory fort building tend to show increases in both their gross and fine motor skills. 

And these activities don’t just help with sensory processing. They can help children develop social skills, learning abilities, and self-confidence too. Here are a few ideas for incorporating sensory play into your family life: However, if you want to buy a fort building kit then you must check out the GIGI Bloks store!

Build a sensory story teller with your kids

Build a sensory story teller to help your kids learn how to use their senses. You can build it out of blocks, using a cardboard box, or with a variety of other materials.

Create sensory fountains

You’ll need a bucket, some rocks, and water. Place rocks in the bottom of the bucket to weigh it down. Add a few inches of water on top of the rocks. To make a sensory fountain, use your hand to gently splash water into the air and watch as it falls back into the bucket.

Create sensory art with your kids

Kids are naturally drawn to sensory art. They enjoy the tactile feel of materials, the movement of colors and shapes, and the sounds they create with their hands. You can make sensory art with your kids by playing with paints, clay, and other materials together. Interactive activities like this are a lot of fun for children because you get to explore new ideas together! 

Another way to incorporate sensory play into your family life is by creating a sensory fort. This is an easy activity that you can do at home or in a classroom with your kids. It’s also a great activity for families who have limited time to spend together outside of work or school. All you need is creativity, patience, and some materials (ie: blankets).  Your child will love this activity because it’s so interactive! 

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to make your own sensory fort from scratch! Sensory play has many benefits for kids–it helps them develop social skills and learning abilities; it helps children process information better; it helps improve motor skills; and it helps children gain self-confidence. For those reasons and more, incorporating sensory play into your family life is a great idea that’s worth considering today!

Play sensory games

  • Hide and seek with an object
  • Find the difference in a pile of objects
  • Sensory stacking
  • Sensory mazes 
  • Sensory cooking 
  • Sensory storytelling 
  • Create a sensory fort (an activity for both kids and parents)

Don’t just play with your child

Sensory play is so much more than just playing with your child. It’s about fostering a love for learning, exploring, and problem solving. As parents, don’t just rely on sensory play to help your kids learn. Encourage your children to use their five senses during daily activities like cooking or gardening too. The opportunities are endless!