Top 10 Spine Surgeons in Mumbai

Top 10 Spine Surgeons in Mumbai
Top 10 Spine Surgeons in Mumbai

Neurological diseases are perplexing and often devastating physical issues. In any case, on account of modern neurosurgery, people influenced by such illnesses can benefit from outside assistance. Patients with congenital CNS disorder, epilepsy, or brain trauma get an opportunity at a typical life through the neurosurgical methodology suggested by top 10 Best spine surgeons in mumbai

  • A great many people consider neurosurgery as mere brain surgery, yet it is substantially more! It is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to, or diseases/disorders of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body. The specialty of neurosurgical care includes both adult and pediatric patients. Dependent upon the nature of the injury or disease, a neurological surgeon may provide surgical and non-surgical care.
  • A recent report published by the World Health Organization says that, “Neurological disorders, public health challenges,” states that about one billion people worldwide suffer from neurological disorders including epilepsy, stroke, headache, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, and neuro infections and that 6.8 million people die annually from these disorders.
  • Neuropathology is a specialty within the study of pathology concentrated on the disease of the brain, spinal cord, and neural tissue. Typical applications of neuropathology include studying samples of tissue in patients who have Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Huntington’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and mitochondrial disease.
  • India additionally needs to confront new difficulties in neurosurgical care because of a change in perspective in disease burden. There is an epidemiological change from infectious diseases, for example, tuberculosis, neurocysticercosis, and Japanese encephalitis to noncommunicable illnesses, for example, strokes, cerebral injury, epilepsy, cerebrovascular diseases, and neuromuscular disorders. India is additionally an observer to a critical extent of poliomyelitis, developmental disorders, birth injury, and nutritional insufficiencies, bringing about a noteworthy danger of mortality and morbidity attributed to preventable or curable neurological disorders.
  • Vascular neurosurgery incorporates the clipping of aneurysms and performing carotid endarterectomy (CEA) that is performed by top 10 spine surgeons in mumbai. 
  • In conventional open surgery, the neurosurgeon opens the skull, creating a large opening to access the brain. Techniques involving smaller openings with the aid of microscopes and endoscopes are now being used as well. Methods that utilize small craniotomies in conjunction with high-clarity microscopic visualization of neural tissue offer excellent results. However, open methods are still traditionally used in trauma or emergencies.
  • Oncological neurosurgery also called neurosurgical oncology; incorporates pediatric oncological neurosurgery; treatment of favorable and threatening focal and peripheral nervous system cancers and pre-cancerous lesions in adults and children (counting, among others, glioblastoma multiforme and different gliomas, brain stem cancer, spinal cancer, tumors of the meninges and intracranial spaces, secondary metastases to the brain, spine, and nerves, and peripheral nervous system tumors).
  • Surgery for chronic pain is a sub-branch of functional neurosurgery. Some of the techniques include implantation of deep brain stimulators, spinal cord stimulators, peripheral stimulators, and pain pumps.
  • Neuroradiology assumes a vital job in diagnosis as well as in the operative period of neurosurgery. 
  • Anesthesia isn’t utilized during an “awake” brain surgical procedure. Awake brain surgery is where the patient is conscious for the middle of the procedure and sedated for the beginning and end.


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