Top 5 Weekend Treks Near Bangalore



The IT (Information Technology) hub of India, also regarded with reverence as the Silicon Valley of India, has gotten its nickname from the massive service sector industry that it houses. Yet, there seems to be a misconception about this city in Karnataka, and that is the misperceived belief that the citizens are mired only with the discussions and desires of the next big tech. Yet, this myth is genuinely one of the most classic myths around India. Bangaloreans also are organic human beings, in a deep desire to connect with the nature around them, which the state of Karnataka is so profuse with. If you are going to travel to Bangalore or are contemplating a trip around Bangalore’s vicinity, this article would be an eye-opener and a guide towards trekking places near Bangalore.

Kudremukh Trek

Lush green hills, clouds in touch with the mountains, forest, bamboo, grass and shrubs, and plenty of waterfalls, it is the so-called and well-known – Kudremukh Peak trek that has it all. Hence it should not come in as a surprise that it is called the Himalayas of the south. The beautiful scenery keeps vacillating on the trek and will unquestionably awe anyone who loves it close to nature and the associated factors. This comes under the Chikmagalur District of the state of Karnataka. The trekking in this Kudremukh is one of the happily exciting treks in this region. It is the third highest peak in the region and tends to absorb the beauty of the Western Ghats as you walk up through the trek. A few people know that the Western Ghats are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the natural eye riveting beauty and for being aspirational in terms of environmental balance.


Located at a location away from the heft and rich culture of Bangalore, Ramanagara is a small town in the Indian state of Karnataka. Ramanagara has challenging short treks that one can start their journey upon. It also includes the spots where the famous and sterling picture of classic Indian cinema was shot, the picture famously called – Sholay! These treks are perfect for the weekend, most notably for the Saturday mornings, as the following Sunday would provide good days as climbing up does not take up a considerable toll upon the precious of your time. Or, if one wants, they could gradually take the trekking as per the primary preference of the trekker.


It is indeed a deep engrossed trekker’s fantasy, and that is to climb up the Bheemeshwari hill as it presents one with the practical yet efficient, whole collective views of nature. This trek should be considered a trek with mixed hopes, fears and aspirations. The trek bag includes the heavy arduous treks and a few spots of the easy trek, but mostly mired by challenging terrain, which the trekkers love and enjoy.

Indeed, the landscape is glorious throughout, with the rich flora and the lush fauna. It is a fantastic spot for the action of watching birds. One can also find a few bird towers, giving a holistic vision of the terrain for the birth lovers.

Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is frequently visited by both new energetic and mature professional trekkers, a well-known yet challenging trekking trail. The route to the top is glorious, and one can find photography enthusiasts capturing the scenic beauty in their cameras up to the top. Besides this, there is also a historic relevance associated with it.

Many believe that the Mahabharata’s Pandava’s and Kunti once lived upon this hill. At the peak, one can enjoy a camp bonfire or take a glimpse at the lovely sunset or sunrise, depending on the time one reaches the hill’s summit. The journey seems friendly and enjoyable.

Devarayanadurga Hill

A hill station where Buddha Purnima is celebrated with great joy in March and April, Devarayanadurga is a superior trek for the whole family. It helps mesmerize all kinds of age groups and gender in a certain way. The Lakshmi-Narasimha Swamy is a beautiful spiritual spot for the soul at this elevation.

One indeed should consider a trek in this hill, as hills have an enigmatic thing, that they all tend to rouse in the bosom of the traveller and trekkers, a sense of real depth, all indeed love that.


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