Rural India is the heart of India that accounts for 69% of its total population. While the overall economy is growing at the rate of 7%, rural India still lags behind. The absence of amenities like electricity, potable water and sanitation are a few of the major factors impeding rural productivity and the subsequent economic growth. Solar energy has the potential to power the education system in rural areas by providing adequate electricity as well as access to education. It helps in improving the living standards of rural households through solar-energy based interventions and learning facilities in the undeserved community.

The use of solar lighting systems in rural areas is a cheaper, cleaner alternative. One significant benefit of solar power in rural areas is increased availability. Rural areas lack this resource because their countries’ electric grid stops before reaching them. Worse, extending the electric grid costs a lot of money.

With the advent of solar revolution, we have seen emergence of seasoned solar EPC companies in Gurgaon, committed to providing par excellence solar products, that not only serve the solar appetite of the urban cities, but also is scaling high in the rural vicinities as well. Bringing in solar power at affordable prices gives the affected rural communities more money to spend on necessities. Solar energy is also great for health reasons as indoor air pollution from burning non-renewable energy sources like wood and cool, kills over millions of people every year worldwide.

With the increased demand from the rural sectors of the economy, top solar EPC companies like Synergy Wave System among others, have committed themselves to the cause of making possible the dream of thriving solar rural India a reality. They provide best-in-class solar lighting systems, customised to rural needs such as outdoor solar lighting system, solar LED street lights, solar generators, solar hawker lights and much more.

Much of rural India still lacks regular electricity supply. As a result, dependency on conventional energy sources such as Kerosene and coal is high in the rural region. Thus, the adoption of solar powered systems in rural areas can not only reduce the use of fossil fuels but also result in generation of clean and cheap energy. Further, there are many social and economic benefits linked to solar installation in rural areas. It serves as a reliable source of energy for the rural regions, offers a wide range of employment opportunities for the skilled workers, thereby leading to a higher revenue graph.

The solar products that are hot-selling in the rural areas are listed below:

  1. Solar powered fan

Solar powered fans are mechanised fans powered by solar panels. The solar panels are either mounted on the device or are installed independently. There are no batteries in them to store energy, implying they only run during day time when the sun is out. Thereby, saving the users massively on their electricity bills.

  1. Outdoor Solar lights

Outdoor solar lights from Synergy Wave System are worth your investment as they serve as the best tool to provide security to the vicinity dwellers and at no maintenance cost.

  1. Solar hawker lights

This invention has been the biggest innovation of all times for rural population as they utilise solar hawker lights for illuminating their mobile work spaces, with the maximum brightness at no cost. Powered by sun’s light, these solar hawker lights are best-suited for people engaged in working with carts, so as to provide the maximum illumination in dark hours of work during late evenings.

  1. Solar lights for home

Solar lights for home have proved to be very beneficial for rural residents as well, as these require no maintenance and work round the clock with easy charge and a green alternative to traditional lighting, utilising now power at all from the grid.

  1. Solar cooker

Solar energy is supremely helpful in the kitchen as well, with the emergence of solar cooker and other effective utensils. A solar oven or solar cooker uses the energy from the sun to heat the food or drink to cook it or sterilize it.

  1. Solar lamp

Solar powered lamps or solar lanterns, used in rural areas, have the capability of providing a supply of electricity for other devices such as charging cell phones. Solar powered household lamps are a great replacement with low operating costs for other light sources like candles or kerosene lamps.

  1. Solar LED Street lights

Solar LED Street lights are raised light sources which are powered by solar panels, providing stability, long service life, simple installation, safety, great performance and energy conservation. These have been a new addition to provide secured environment to the rural people.

Solar energy is fast becoming popular in rural and remote areas as it can minimize the dependence of rural households on firewood and dung cakes which would also result in the conservation of environment. According to various research conducted, the solar industry is adding jobs faster to the Indian economy, which is further expected to grow at a multitudinous rate in the future. So, why not percolate the benefits of this incredible green energy source to the rural dwellers as well.



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