Transition From Public Tweets To Private Chats


When interacting with customers on Twitter, you can forward the conversation from the public timeline to a private direct message.

To facilitate this transition, you can paste a specially formatted tweet link. This is automatically converted into a simple subpoena that directs the user to a new direct message displaying the context of the public tweet.

How does it work?

This feature is easy to use, but you need to set your account to “Receive direct messages from anyone” (Settings> Security & Privacy> Privacy). You also need to include the link in your tweet in the following format: Numerical user ID of the account}

Find your username here.

About this! When you send a tweet using this URL, supported clients will receive a “Send Private Message” subpoena. Other customers will only see a fully functional precision connection.

Are there any other parameters besides specifying the recipients that can be used for these exact connections?

You can add the  text = {default text} parameter to the end of the URL and replace {default text} with URL-encoded text that you pre-enter in the user input field.

For example, if you need specific information from a user, you can display this tag in the Create User field to see additional context (such as “confirmation number”).

Is there any other way to use this feature without pasting the link every time?

Subpoenas are sufficient to add properly formatted tweet links, but with many official Twitter partners and other tools in the Twitter developer ecosystem, you can easily add this tweet secret message link with just one click. I can do it.

How does this feature affect the number of characters in a tweet?

Twitter splits the exact link in the tweet, so the link is 22 characters long (the same length as any other link). This is true regardless of whether a subpoena was created.

For companies that use the link generator as a media upload, the 280 character limit does not deduct any characters.

Do definitive links to direct messages work outside of Twitter?

Yes! If you click the URL of the direct secret message link from outside Twitter, it will try to open Twitter with the creation window open.

Why don’t I see the subpoena formatted according to the tweet?

There are several possible reasons for this. You may not have configured your settings to receive messages directly from others, or you may be tweeting on a third-party / unsupported Twitter client. Also, older Twitter customers can’t generate a CTA and can only view links.

Why was the pasted link removed and replaced with a “Send Private Message” subpoena?

If the URL is below a tweet, the tweet will be removed from the ad. The URL will appear in the tweet, even if it is in the middle or at the beginning of the tweet. The Send Private Message action call is displayed regardless of whether the URL has been deleted.

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