Unique Types Of Metal Roofing coats


As practice shows, many polymer coatings for metal tiles are used for the outer surface of the roofing material. It is essential to consider that the paint layer protects the galvanized sheets from the oxidation process, but it is also essential for the design features. Subsequent contact of the metal with oxygen will result in loss of technical properties. As you know, the service life depends on the type of coating and the application method.


Often, polyester species of dice are used to cover metal tiles. Thus, any material has a matte or glossy surface. It is essential to understand that this coverage is mainly present in budget products. You can contact San Antonio metal roofer to get polyester species as a Metal Roofing coat. In the polyester manufacturing process, polyester oil is used. To not change color for a long time, and the abrasion performance was high, the manufacturer added special inorganic fillers and various pigments. One feature is that polyester perfectly resists UV rays, but at the same time, it can be heated to +120 degrees.


Portal is a polyurethane painting composition. Sheets of metal tiles For high levels of resistance to direct sunlight, the manufacturer adds particular innovative elements of painting. As practice shows, the material covered with polyurethane paint will not lose its initial technical and physical properties, even if the final product is affected by temperature mode from -60 to +100 degrees. It is taken into account that this type of coating perfectly prevents natural precipitation during operation. The paint is applied with a thickness of up to 50 microns; the operation time reaches 30 years.


As practice shows, Plastisol is the most expensive type of finishing coating today, which can reach 200 microns. In the process of production of paints, polyvinyl chloride is taken as the basis, which is characterized by a high level of stability, and wear resistance characterized by working life span. One feature is that plastisol has the property of hardening the existing microcrystalline after application to the surface of the metal tile, which significantly increases the service life. Due to the large thickness, it is possible to obtain a structural surface of the roofing material.


Another type of coating for metal tile is polyurethane. High indicators characterize these species for mechanical damage so that polyurethane can be used not only for roofing materials but also for bodywork. Polyurethane is one of the standard professional metal roofing in San Antonio. The coating contains a two-component, natural mixture in the composition. During operation, the product does not lose its shade, is not afraid of ultraviolet rays, and does not react with various chemical compounds. In addition, this type of coating fully complies with all European standards.

With those Metal Roofing coats, you can get the finished products that must have an attractive appearance, with high resistance to mechanical damage, for plastics, and should not be exposed to the paint layer even from the surface.